Alex S.   Wesel, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Welcome to my Steamprofile!
But what are you doing here? Why are you reading this? Ksh, go away. Read books instead of profiles or something.

...what, you are still here? Fine then.
My name's Alex, I am a 27 years old (24/11/1992) German dude who enjoys gaming, listening to music and chatting with friends.
I am a moderator on a semi-big stream, as well as the German and English Ubisoft forums. Also moderating The Crew Discord (which can be found here: *click* [discord.gg])
I like a variety of games and genres; racing, FPS games, Puzzles (Portal, Q.U.B.E.) and Indiegames (LIMBO, INSIDE, The Binding of Isaac).

I'm a loudmouthed and random prick, but I try to stay friendly. Doesn't always work, though. Get on with it or get lost. :dealwithit:

Before adding me, know this (these are things I remove people for):
-If you talk in memes and feel the need to be "le funni xddd" all the time, a spot in my friendlist will open up.
-If you're annoying and begging for items, or if you're constantly getting a hardon from my "cool inentory", you can ♥♥♥♥ right off.
-I occasionally go through my list and throw people out.

For more info about me and what games I play every now and then/have installed, check below.
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So first of all, the question people ask me a lot of times: "What does your name mean?"
Well... I basically butchered the English language with that. You know when people say "Dat *blahblah*" or "Wut"? Yeah, I combined those and made it my name. It's random, but so am I.

Now onto the games I have installed and mostly play:

I like cruising around, either on my own or with other people while voicechatting. Name on UPlay is DatWut

Trying to complete the official tracks as well as building my own. Sometimes I play online.

Campaign, Realism, Versus, Survival; I am down for anything. Just ask. Sometimes I will join by myself.

If you want to play a game with me, feel free to invite me, but I am not promising that I will join.
Also, be warned: if you invite me into a game and then tell me "Sorry, somebody else just took your spot", chances are I will remove you (I am a ♥♥♥♥, by the way).

When playing games, you can call me either "Dat", "Wut", "DatWut", or Alex. I react to all of those.
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[Need for Speed] The Hoonicorn - Ready to go sideways

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+rep nice guy :)
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He's a nice guy
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+Rep friendly/tactics/teamplay +
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Those were used for something else. What is it, I cannot tell for sure.
Zef Davenport Mar 8 @ 4:48am 
Apparently someone was a bit misguided when naming both places.
We could probably blame it on either drinks, or toxic fumes.
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le funni xddd