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Kubakoparka trade.tf 23 hours ago 
Nice saxxy :D
massivelegendhere Jun 17 @ 3:18pm 
saw your roblox cosplay at E3
never tought i could fall in love and♥♥♥♥♥at the same time
massivelegendhere May 9 @ 10:09am 
dragoste de weekend eu nuti pot da trei zile cu mine si 4 nu da pe urma ta 3 zile din 7 la naiba cu toate of fericirea mea
Drakap Apr 23 @ 9:45am 
can i add you i just want to be friend with you i will never sent you msg not usually but i want to add yo pls ?
Kinky whip man Apr 15 @ 11:26am 
saw you in a hightower match
Yellow Dice Apr 13 @ 5:04pm 
ia uite ba un roman a lucrat la agent gunn, *click* noice