Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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Tour 43 - Australium Medigun
Tour 58 - Australium Rocket Launcher
Tour 81 - Australium Knife
Tour 100 - Australium Sniper rifle
Tour 103 - Australium Flamethrower
Tour 111 - Australium Black Box
Tour 126 - Australium Flamethrower
Tour 175 - Australium Sniper Rifle
Tour 221 - Australium Flamethrower

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SaRanTe : nope
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Johnboy 6 hours ago 
yeah fami cuz he sucks ass at the game lol
Lamarithan 15 hours ago 
+rep he made a funny haha
Fami 16 hours ago 
bro wrote more words than doing damage in mvm
NICKELHEIM 18 hours ago 
Your life literally is as valuable as a summer ant. I'm just gonna stomp you, you're gonna keep coming back, I'm gonna seal up all my cracks, you're gonna keep coming back, why? Cause you keep smelling the syrup, you worthless aussie foster! You're gonna stay on my pingas until you die. You serve no purpose in life, your purpose in life is to be on my steam sucking on my sausage daily. Your purpose in life is to be in that chat blowing a PP daily. Your life is nothing, you serve ZERO purpose. You should end it all, NOW! And give somebody else a piece of that oxygen and ozone layer that's covered up so we can breathe inside this blue trapped bubble. Cause what are you here for? To worship me? Bury youself! I mean that with a hundred percent with a thousand percent.
NICKELHEIM 20 hours ago 
Who would've guessed that a lowborn mvm troll was also racist? Daring today, aren't we?
Scvlly Jan 29 @ 4:02am 
I hope you find peace man because you're just a little bit depressing to be around, go have fun and do something you love.