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Please give me vex binds im collecting them
ass : i got raped yesterday
ass : his name was vex

(TEAM) Vex : i detest you

Vex : unfortunate

Vex : ysr

(ALL) ADMIN: vex doens't teamkill
(ALL) ADMIN: vex is asngel
Admins online are: Vex

Vex : should've banned him
Vex : for the lols

Vex : gg

[SM] ADMIN: Slapped breezy.
Admins online are: Vex
Vex : wasn't me


the guy... : im SORRY VEX

*DEAD* bucket : that was a vex moment

*DEAD* bucket : vex original move

zelo : shut up vex

Savage brute! Be gone! : imagine vex

Savage brute! Be gone! : its vex time

BondedCrab86 : die vex

BondedCrab86 : gg vex

BondedCrab86 : hi vex

DB Legénde | (っ◔つ◔)っCab : ves is bald

Koi : vex

BondedCrab86 : vex club

breezy : I made a completely bald terraria character and called it vex
(Arguably cheating to add my own bind but idc)

ass : it wont let me orb on top of your bald head

Lolicon~ [U.S.S.E.A]Herobrine2010 : vex is one shiny ♥♥♥♥♥♥ if i've ever seen one
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Summer Mar 3 @ 9:46pm 
cucish Mar 3 @ 3:39pm 
he's got you there
Summer Mar 2 @ 10:48pm 
*3 years
koto2021 Mar 2 @ 1:23pm 
it would've took you 3 more months to decide if you "can" ban me
Summer Mar 2 @ 12:05pm 
thank ♥♥♥♥ I was going to ban you anyways
koto2021 Mar 2 @ 9:58am 
i celebrate by putting ganglolxd's member from 30 to 29 (koto2021 is retiring from ganglolxd)