Crypter, rip fav lvl 4ever
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Comment before adding, or i'll have no clue why you're adding me. Seriously.
Playerunknown's Kindergarten Money Loss to Date: 14-15k USD. Amazing. ­čĹî
Adding as Friend: be a decent collector. Unless it's business related.
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This is a SHOWCASE and a info-box. I'm not trading my CS:GO items, but open for offers!

This should be obvious, but i have a LOT of impersonators and people who claim to be associated with me - They are NOT. Talk to ME on THIS account if you need something.

The comments by "me" advertising "Free Anything" is a scam.

Need help selling your codes or skins? I take a 30% cut of the sale.
Looking for any profitable thing going on involving Steam (if it's legit).

You can verity that you are talking to the real me trough Steam Level 911+ & 33/33 Genuine Pins.
I don't use any other accounts at all for business or trading - Including My Alt!
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Steam Group for Collectors of Dead by Daylight Exclusives
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