Angelo   California, United States
The World's doomed, It's already doomed but it's still doomed

Frankly, I'd be surprised you made the effort of looking at the quiet one's profile.
I might as well describe myself since you're here.

Hi, I'm Angelo, Im a really quiet person but you're free to add me and say hi.

I play mainly TF2 now, but will drift off to other games sometimes (might show up as just online, still feel free to talk to me)

If you're from TF2 and looking for Items, nothing i have is for sale nor will it ever be

My main saying: If you're trying to ruin my day, You're gonna have to try harder

Also. If you say that I suck, You're definitely not wrong bc i'm gay lol

Some Quotes from close friends bc why the hell not lol

Raaapid Fiiiiiire" - Psykotik

"I blame Sipow" -well. Sipow himself

"Yee Haw" - from both. Plus myself
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peachie Feb 19 @ 8:04pm 
You're both gae
Psyk0tik Feb 19 @ 6:11pm 
ur r gae
peachie Jan 13 @ 7:31am 
Happy birfdey Gooie~!! :Cupcakes:
Psyk0tik Jan 13 @ 7:26am 
Happy birthday ♥♥♥♥♥♥. B)
peachie Dec 24, 2019 @ 3:28pm 
Almost said happy Christmas instead of merry B)

Mewey Chwistmas gooie~!
peachie Feb 14, 2019 @ 10:44am 
Happy candy day! :cchearts: