Copenhagen, Staden Kobenhavn, Denmark
I'm a moderator at GModStore (previously named ScriptFodder) and before that I was at CoderHire. If you have any questions regarding my scripts, please create a ticket (if you are a buyer), or post a comment on the script if you have a question.

If you are banned, create an appeal and a moderator will deal with it on the website.

Adding me
If you want to add, please leave a comment on my profile about why you are adding me. Don't add if you are banned from the site. If you need support, open a ticket for the respective script.

You can check out GModStore, and visit my profile in the links below.

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0xymoron Nov 20 @ 9:47am 
Thank you. :heart:
Crap-Head Nov 18 @ 3:22am 
Feel free to message me on gmodstore with any questions you might have @giveinghawk
giveinghawk Nov 16 @ 9:24am 
im adding you to ask questions about your bitcoin miners
[DC] Drewbie Oct 19 @ 4:18pm 
Just your regular fan
^1Black.dx Oct 13 @ 6:20am 
Why dont u unban people and give them a second chance??
fallindd Aug 13 @ 12:07pm 
Hi. I am having an issue with one of the addons that I bought from you. I accidentally created a dispute this addon and would like to ensure you are paid in an attempt to recover my steam account from being banned. Can you either respond here or on Discord please. fallindd#6117