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"Japanese society is very apathetic, they express little emotion or personality on the street - they are practically robots. If you have a heart attack on the street, or have someone mugging you, I would not expect common courtesy." -Fieryrebirth - 5/21/15 12:14pm

メメ・ポープ -

Corestrike: Let me just edit me being a dumbass out of that.

Yung Siddhartha: y'know, im starting to think conspiracy theories arent all that!
Corestrike: pic related: conspiracy theorists
Yung Siddhartha: ive been bamboozled
Corestrike: some would argue that the illuminati family tree looks like this
Corestrike: or this
Corestrike: but it actually looks like this
Corestrike: that first url is my damn catchphrase btw
Yung Siddhartha: jesus fuckig crhist
Yung Siddhartha: this is perfct meme execution
Yung Siddhartha: youve owned me
Corestrike: i'm actually super proud of myself
Corestrike: i'm glad you liked it
Yung Siddhartha: how is possible


C$N | Corestrike: Q: Why is there braille on drive-up ATM machines?
[aRD] Yeoz: my mind just exploded
C$N | Corestrike: You have two question skips.
[aRD] Yeoz: skip
C$N | Corestrike: How is it possible to have a civil war?
[aRD] Yeoz: skip

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Yung Siddhartha: :/
I sent the two of them on patrol that day. They never came back. Just the boat, floating empty. The jungle took them. I sent them out. Days and weeks went by. No one returned. They're gone. The jungle took them. Every night I watch the skies from inside my bunker. They'll come back. If I watch they'll come. I can hear their voices from the sky. Calling out my name. There's the ridge. The guns in the jungle. Screaming. Smoke. The blood. All over my hands. The screams through the night. The hot air of explosions shaking the treetops. The bodies. Some faceless.

They were only following orders.

Corestrike: under my perfect utopia everyone would be into vaporwave
Corestrike: the national anthem would be some hot vaporwave track
yuuta!!: alright now i raelly know its a fuckign dystopia

11:31 PM - haysooz: Stop memeing me with shit cartoons
11:31 PM - Corestrike: hey uh
11:31 PM - You have been banned from the chat by haysooz.

Christmas Pudding Malaria Oct 23 @ 11:15am
S-Slime guy looking for a slime B-Bill Cosby, er m-maybe we could er zip zop bippity bop, puddin pop~

cosmos!: haikus are all about death and edgy shit so you have to make it a metaphor
Corestrike: dude they're literally just about stoplights
cosmos!: mine is that stoplights only light up temporarily
cosmos!: like how humans only live temporarily

セガマスタDITTO.PSFシステム: I collabed with this guy.
gizmo_ult: this shit sounds something you would place in a cheap 70's film while some niggas walking up to the person who's the cop or detective

The Powdered Loaf Chronicles

Corestrike: i hate preppers
Corestrike: they prep wrong
Corestrike: who the fuck wants to eat powdered loaf for the rest of their lives

Corestrike: "hey dad what's for dinner"
Corestrike: "powdered loaf"
cosmos.: "again"

Corestrike: what an awful world
Corestrike: where there's nothing to eat but powdered loaf

cosmos.: i would rather die than live in a bunker the rest of my life eating powdered loaf


C$N | Corestrike: echo base, do you copy
Swaggot: load and clear
Swaggot: load
Swaggot: fuck it im killing myself tonight

Love Nugget: but no my parents im first gen australian in my family
Love Nugget: wow that sentence was fucked

C$N | Corestrike | Lambda Core: now
C$N | Corestrike | Lambda Core: i have to say
C$N | Corestrike | Lambda Core: your best picture
C$N | Corestrike | Lambda Core: is gman on top of luna
C$N | Corestrike | Lambda Core: with a shotgun
Love Nugget: jesus christ
Love Nugget: i completely forgot
Love Nugget: oh my god
Love Nugget: you actual got to me
Love Nugget: im starting to sweat
C$N | Corestrike | Lambda Core: mission accomplished
Love Nugget: god damn it take too long to delete shit
C$N | Corestrike | Lambda Core: this must be worse than death
C$N | Corestrike | Lambda Core: you've finally earned another place
C$N | Corestrike | Lambda Core: on the chat logs spot of my profile
Love Nugget: oh god
Love Nugget: why

Love Nugget: you know now that you say it
Love Nugget: youre right
Love Nugget: FUCK
Corestrike: welcome to your forth spot on my profile bb
Love Nugget: JESUS

Love Nugget: maybe you could delete the one where you talk shit about my old screenshots
Love Nugget: maybe you could do that
Love Nugget: please

Love Nugget: please

Love Nugget: corestrike please im going to kill myself

Love Nugget: im going to have to delete everything from my computer and move to an african tribal village
Love Nugget: to escape the shame

Love Nugget: thats where i live now
Love Nugget: corestrikes weird corner
Love Nugget: where he shames me
Love Nugget: fuck thats going in isnt it

Corestrike: what's your review of the quality
Corestrike: you know i pour my heart and soul into all my art
Love Nugget: its good

Corestrike: works out perfectly
Love Nugget: alright fuck this
Love Nugget: i officially need new friends

Yung Siddhartha: am i being memed

Yung Siddhartha: what the fuck are these words
Yung Siddhartha: im leaving

Yung Siddhartha: fuck wario

Yung Siddhartha: fuck wario

Corestrike: did you know that you can fuck twelve year olds legally in angola
Yung Siddhartha: sign me the FUCK up 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit
Yung Siddhartha: sorry typo i emant to say thats gross

Corestrike: right in the swaggot corner baby
Yung Siddhartha: thats ACTUALLY damaging to my public image

Corestrike i've actually been meaning to put more shit up
Yung Siddhartha: how about you just delete it instead
Corestrike: how about you just delete yourself

Yung Siddhartha: i mean a coiple are funny in a sort of fuck me in my mouth i am deeply ashamed of my past actions way
Yung Siddhartha: but fuck wario is some a priori shit
Corestrike: just giving me more material my man
Yung Siddhartha: no point putting it there
Yung Siddhartha: STOP
Corestrike: too late

Corestrike: it's already up
Yung Siddhartha: HOW are you so FAST

Yung Siddhartha: i am leaving

Yung Siddhartha: stop stealing my meme's

Yung Siddhartha: this bodyswap shit is making me erect tho
Yung Siddhartha: i will admit

Yung Siddhartha: on one hand this is extremely progressive because it was black people doing it

Yung Siddhartha: i notice you havent updated the swaggot corner in 6 years despite the quality content i provide

Corestrike: the swaggot corner was left untouched of course
Yung Siddhartha: great
Yung Siddhartha: real happy about that

Yung Siddhartha: personally, when i think of daesh killing civilians, i think fo american reddit users
Corestrike: you're pulling up strings buddy
Corestrike: just like how you'll be pushing up daisies soon if you don't change your shitty opinion
Yung Siddhartha: lmfao
Yung Siddhartha: alright ill concede just cause that was funny as hell

Yung Siddhartha: love to sit in a garage in guam for 4 years and pretend im the American Sniper

Yung Siddhartha: there are many many layers of ironic pedophilia

Corestrike: can i build the maginot line in turkey
Yung Siddhartha: you can do anything you want my boy thats the joy of Gaming
Corestrike: can i play as israel
Yung Siddhartha: NO

Corestrike: guac actually sucks
Corestrike: guac more like succ
Corestrike: suacc
Yung Siddhartha: guacamole (pronounced mole) is just avocado right
Yung Siddhartha: a could take it or leave it
Yung Siddhartha: suacc was very funny btw
Corestrike: i'm debating on whether or not this goes in the corner
Yung Siddhartha: go fuck yourself ive given you such good content
Yung Siddhartha: and this is what gets in? your own damn joke?

Yung Siddhartha: this is a classic
Yung Siddhartha: i hate women

grean bean: black people love racism

Swaggot Reviews: The Swaggot Corner

Yung Siddhartha: the meta ones suck but the black crime one is excellent

Corestrike: i may remove the really long one about gman on top of luna
Corestrike: it's very bad
Corestrike: but it's also a classic
Yung Siddhartha: i agree that you should remove that immediately

Yung Siddhartha: the worst one is objectively the hitler one

Yung Siddhartha: ive fallen into your trap and now i think the swaggot corner is funny

Yung Siddhartha: it sucks

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