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I like to play Tf2 and other games as well if I have it in my libary invite me and we can play it together!|Heavy Main|I love Family Bussiness|Nick Valentine/Liberty Prime/ZER0 I'm sorry.
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well hello
SuppositorySmarties Jul 6 @ 3:10pm 
your a heavy main i am a medic main it's like we were friends just waiting to happen
rederpz Jun 24 @ 12:56pm 
SuppositorySmarties May 17 @ 6:35pm 
that is the only way i get kills XD
SuppositorySmarties May 17 @ 6:35pm 
no it does not man
Autumn May 17 @ 5:14pm 
The Family Bussiness is Overpowered needs to be Nerfed valvE.