Constantly in Japan until 28th
San Francisco, California, United States
Being successful is accomplished through practice, not wishful thinking

Leave a comment before adding for any reason. If you're looking to trade, I'll most likely decline.

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Jesus Hooves Jun 11 @ 7:23pm 
added for spy lft
kala ♥ May 7 @ 3:38pm 
added for engie sniper lft
Crazy_chicken May 7 @ 1:46pm 
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cory ❤ Apr 26 @ 10:03pm 
Added for lft
Skorp Apr 26 @ 4:15pm 
Added for LFT.
Banana Bill` Apr 5 @ 8:45pm 
Legend has it, if you make a discord and constant joins a channel he will say "hi"