Commander Giles
Giles Price   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Commander Giles reporting for duty sir.

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A shrewd, meticulous, and decisive tactician, at times witty, Commander Giles Price has a background in the RAF, where he was a top fighter pilot. When the opportunity presented himself, he accepted a desk job (one of the reasons was the amount of shiny chevrons ending up on his lapel) and a command post at the Von Esling Airbase in Iceland, one of the finest strategic Allied air bases in Europe.

Q. What exactly is Giles role in the Allied Forces?
A: Giles Price is a British Air Force Commander and one of the most important Allied officers.

Affilated with the Allies.

Ranks - General and a Air Chief Marshal in the Royal Air Force (RAF)

-Director from the Office of Occupational Forces (Japan) during Uprising
-Commander of the Combined Allied Air Force
-Field Commander

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