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This fucking country ➞   Argentina
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It's simple

Better alone than in bad company :firewalk:

Personal Data

:fod2star: Name: Tobías
:fod2star: Age: 17
:fod2star: From: Argentina
:fod2star: Birthday: May, 1
:fod2star: Languages: Spanish and English

Favourite Games

:firewalk: Life is Strange Before the Storm :firewalk:
:LIS_butterfly: Life is Strange :LIS_butterfly:
:Clementine: The Walking Dead :Lee:

Counter Strike Global Offensive

:fod2star: Current rank

:fod2star: Global Elite (retired 3/16/2018) ✔️

Favourite Songs

Daughter - Glass
Wolf Alice - Bros (Acoustic)
Daughter - A Hole in the Earth
Daughter - Voices
Koethe - Taking You There
Through the Cellar Door - Lanterns on the Lake

Good People

Artisti :heart_abs:
EGO Death :repenny:
Chloe Price™ :LIS_butterfly: :heart_abs:
Leo :Lee: :heart_abs:
UnKn0wN :LIS_butterfly: :heart_abs:
RagdollZombie :LIS_butterfly: :heart_abs:


:repenny: Is the people who gaves me stuff for free and I appreciate that.
:LIS_butterfly: Is the people which are fans from Life is Strange.
:Lee: Is the people which are fans from The Walking Dead.
:heart_abs: Is the people which are my best friendships.
Skip Matthews Jul 14 @ 4:41pm 
ty, have a nice day:firealone::rep2:
AleχGolf Jul 14 @ 6:38am 
█ Have a GREAT weekend my friend! █
Have a hella nice weekend :peace:
UnKn0wN Jul 14 @ 5:32am 
Thanks bro, have a nice one too and get well soon! :)
$a$ha (≚ᄌ≚) Jul 14 @ 4:00am 
Have a meowsome weekend :LIS_butterfly::LIS_butterfly::LIS_butterfly:
Go Fack UrSelf Jul 14 @ 3:50am