"Epic trash idiot with bow in competitive"   Finland
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S'asha 22 hours ago 
Reiyo the Interloper May 16 @ 11:48am 
oMg HE misSeD 10$?!?!?!?!?
+rep great fella
Zitroto Apr 28 @ 12:56pm 
Happy happy hippo weekend :D
⛧☣BlitzoTheCranel☣⛧ Apr 25 @ 8:48am 
adding you just for fun. PS: Your profile is looking cool
❄ Laura Apr 9 @ 12:57pm 
Happy Easter :summer2019hare::CFire:
Zitroto Apr 7 @ 9:32am 
If you read this, your profile is sexy.
Have a nice day :lemon: