[MG] Cheezus
Matt   Canada
If I haven't met you in-game, comment on my profile regarding why you're adding me or you'll be ignored.

This is not a challenge, it's a tragedy.
You wanted to control this world, that's fine.
But I'm going to destroy it first, so you can't.

CPU: AMD FX-8350 4.4GHz
CPU Cooler: Hyper 212 Evo
PSU: Corsair CX750
RAM: 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance
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KemGus✪: WAT

Gaghr: they should make bombs that differentiate between the enemy and civilian
Gaghr: so we can kill only civilians

(Counter-Terrorist) Elite‎ @ CT Start : I report botted you and told the program to use 15 different accounts with 5 reports on each account
Elite abandoned the match and received a 30 minute competitive matchmaking cooldown.
Player Bill Cosby left the game (Kicked by Console : You have been voted off)

[CRM]Nyre: What makes you think I've spawned things [cdn.discordapp.com] in? I don't cheat [media.discordapp.net]

sparkybirb: ive never cringed so hard in months and u call my server cancer

Gaghr: surprise colonoscopy

TheZaz969: a pedo did it
TheZaz969: he set this up and forced this girl to do this
TheZaz969: on omegle
OneEaredNeko: and you let it happen

OneEaredNeko - Today at 3:09 PM
rape him with a spoon of spaghetti

Leningrad: professor theyll steal that too lol
Leningrad: i can do anything expect it to be copied within the next 3 days

Gaghr: if human rights are universal then the 2nd amendment should be universal so everyone has the right to bear nuclear deterrents
Gaghr: jimmy will think twice about stepping on my lawn

OneEaredNeko: im going to pay a homeless person to cum on everything you love

zephguy: i didnt shit cum

Colonel Clusterfuck™: thats how you know you're fucked
Colonel Clusterfuck™: when you hit ass

Gangbang Khan: why do you guys still use fin to fight people with?
Gangbang Khan: you know its ineffective right?

HI_IM_KOREAN_TRADE_DUPE*YES*<3: I would rather put cactus up my ass then model for this outdated shit engine

A Semi-Sentient 17-pdr 5 minutes ago
Hey, yo, Bob banned me for no reason.

Virus - Today at 10:49 PM
yer damn right they gonna see jesus when it fries their brain through their eye socket

12:31 AM - Spencer The Kid: my gf's peener?

11:46 PM - Cookie: you fixed my autism

Aros: that fuckiannf lennayo

Gaghr: autism is a personality trait, not a mental disorder, change my mind

Aros: how does a human lerp
Gaghr: strokes

[MGBot] Zaz's nose deflated as blood leaked from the chimney

Whyteboxer: I bet Zaz would be the kind of guy to hide rolls of weed in flaps of skin

THIS guy: god fucking dammit i hope you choke and die on the cock of a large unforgiving black man
THIS guy: minding my own god damn business
THIS guy: did your daddy drop you back when you were a little fart fucker?
THIS guy: jesus butt fucking christ i hate you.
THIS guy: im going to go smoke
THIS guy: eat shit and fucking die cheez

[MG] Festive Cheezus: tell me what death is like
Gaghr: its like nutting

OneEaredNeko: i had a dream once where i was getting spanked with yogurt by everyone on mg

OneEaredNeko: leave it to the jew to go afk in teh attic

Gaghr: then do classic school experiment
Gaghr: measuring cylinder with water
Gaghr: stick dicc inside

Gangbang Khan: bob go back to your island you french nigger
[MG] Bob [HD]: yes

Festive Succmas: why is ur title
Festive Succmas: sex
[MG] CheezoClaus: yes
Festive Succmas: did
[MG] CheezoClaus: no

[MG] Kraken: getting head from father grigori

[ZGG] TheZaz969: hold on let me take my acne inhaler

FestiveEaredNeko: viral has an Undersized pack

[MG] Aros: what does rape taste like

[MG] Festive Kraken: zaz would get a dick from it

OneEaredNeko: just reach down side of your car chair and pull out a hand full of fallin memes and chuck them in that bitch ass tornados face

Gaghr: ye to give them a glimpse of completion
Gaghr: and satisfaction
Gaghr: before destroying them
Gaghr: its the contrast thats most cruel
Gaghr: boring to shit on a depressed person
Gaghr: low value low yield

[MG] Aros: my dreams basically consist of sad orgasms
[MG] Aros: and nothing else

7:44 PM - [MG] Wizard Lizard: tell everyone to join my server
7:44 PM - [MG] Wizard Lizard: we have vape addon
8:13 PM - [MG] Wizard Lizard: vape swep is the best addon ive ever seen

[MG] Wizard Lizard: suck a fart out of my ass

FestiveEaredNeko: lets make fan fic on how bob lost interweb at 9 Bob was sitting in his room screaming Niggers
FestiveEaredNeko: and his dad over heard and went to go check on him
FestiveEaredNeko: and found him faping to duct tape trick nigger porn

the almighty spEAM_0071766277 spawned model nfo Error Could not find output Ang on entity type gmod_wire_expression2

11:55 PM - [MG] Kraken: jelly bean in the flavor of rape


[ZGG] TheZaz969: TORNADO == BAD

[MG] Cheezus: It's literally 75f and not a cloud in the sunny

[MG] Kraken: it has a tongue
[ZGG] TheZaz969: so what? so does your dick

OneEaredNeko: know what gives you buff fingers
OneEaredNeko: buttholes

11:01 PM - [MG] Kraken: he's having a seizure
11:01 PM - [MG] Kraken: from having bong seeds up his ass

Zaz: CALL CONGRESS DAMNIT: i remember nearly getting by a car
Zaz: CALL CONGRESS DAMNIT: actually just yesterday
Zaz: CALL CONGRESS DAMNIT: driving my drunk

11:20 PM - [MG] Aros: I swear if one of those clown niggers come on my property they're gonna leave in a bodybag

A VERY FESTIVE ZAZ: its literally enormous
A VERY FESTIVE ZAZ: its almost square
A VERY FESTIVE ZAZ: like if you cut off all the foreskin and cut the tube
A VERY FESTIVE ZAZ: and layed it out
A VERY FESTIVE ZAZ: it would be a square

Aros: I just saw the most horrifying thing
Aros: cheez's face
Aros: filling up my screen
Aros: for a single frame
Aros: gave me a heart attack

[MG] Kraken: let's play some cunt suck: great orgasm
ᴹᴳViral: cripple stroke: grandma orgy
Gaghr: cunt smonk: great opium
[MG] Kraken: clit stroke: glory opening
[MG] Aros: Counter Fuck: Kill Yourself
[MG] Cheezus: Crippled Smoker: Grandpa's Orgasm
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the iranian space program pharaoh looks kindly upon this man +rep
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cheez's profile is made of cheese
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Sometimes I dream about cheez.
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WARNING! Carry on reading! Or you will get pwned, Even if you only looked at the word warning! Once there was ME... I was gay, The end
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helno chenusz i am map man can i interst u in sum colaberation on sum meps yes thnaks