Gay Caesar
Пашка ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)   Russian Federation

I'm GAY now!!!:balloonicorn:

If you are intrested in my game style, imma tell ya, that I'm a fucking 2,5k h noob, ye~

I main pyro (And I don't care about your whines)
I also main Medic (But I won't go with you in competitive if you're sucking dicks, man)
I'm Russian (da)
I know 2 languages! (English/Russian)
I'm a female (and I got all my stuff by myself except for a few gifts)
I'm 18 (you say I'm 12 - I say you're stupid)
I'm mad at every person who acts like douchebag and you sure don't want to be one, duud
I can be easily offended (pretty easily, be careful)

That's all, I guess~ ^^



Если ты интересуешься моим стилем игры, то я тебе скажу, что я ебаный нуб с 2к часов, дя~

Я мейню пирыча (и мне насрать на ваши стоны и нытье по этому поводу)
Также я мейню медика (но я не пойду с тобой в комп, потому что ты ебаный нуб)
Я Русская (ес)
Я знаю два языка! (Русский/Английский)
Я женского пола (и я получила все свои вещи самостоятельно, за исключением пары подарков)
Мне 18 (ты говоришь: "тебе 12!" - я говорю: "ты долбоеб")
Я зла на любого человека, который ведет себя, как мудак, поэтому в твоих интересах не расстраивать меня
Я могу быть легко обижена (оч легко, будь осторожен)

Эт все, я думаю~ ^^


Мой вк []


-am I a good pyro?
❤:9 LE❤: you killed a lot of people back there
-is that a yes?
❤:9 LE❤: no. That's a "You're not a good pyro". That's "You're a great pyro"


Kote gangsta : тебя всегда можно узнать по огню в ебало

fatchawizard02 : Fuhrer do you want to join our party?
Sacul : We're looking for a fuhrer
Sacul : our last one died in 1945
Sacul: T.T

MrMaslina: сори что не в тему, но самый конченный пиромейн Herr Führer

Ты хороший Фюра
Ты не просто хороший Фюра, ты лучший Фюра (с) Axi

Фюрер у нас тут про в инглише (c) Ahri

:balloonicorn::balloonicorn:500 HOURS ON PYRO!!!!~~:balloonicorn::balloonicorn:
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Some information~

Q: Are you a Nazi???
A: No. Herr Führer is "My Leader" according to Google Translate and just "Leader" from German to English.

Q: There's "Herr" in your name, it means - you're a man, not a woman!
A: I took this name only because it sounds cooler than "Frau Führer". Also, I main medic, so it makes a lot more sence.

Q: Why do you main pyro? Because it's an easy class to main? / WM1 / Pyro takes no skill!
A: ok, angsty teens, Pyros DO take skill, although maybe it's not as hard to main as Engineer or Medic. I prefer call Heavies and Soldiers skillless and the easiest classes in the game, because Soldier was MADE to be a class for newcomers and heavy is more WM1 than a pyro. Furthermore, pyro took me 300 hours to understand how it works and another 200 hours to use this class against haters.

Q: Why you main medic now? Is pyro too easy for you?
A: I main medic for 2 reasons. Firstly, medic is much easier for me than pyro. It took me around 50 hours to understand and I already do a good job as him. Secondly, I really like medic and the mechanics for that class. Also I could say that I'm tired of pyro (500h) and I want to switch to a more helpful class. It doesn't mean I quit pyro forever tho.

Q: Are you really a girl?
A: No. I lied all along. I have a huge dick and it's bigger than yours. Of course I am, you dipstick.

Q: How can I call you?
A: You can call me "Herr" or "Pasha". Pasha - is russian name for boys, but I really like it so it's kinda my nickname

If I tell you my name someday please never call me by that

Q: How old are you?
A: I am 18 years old. I know that I sound like a 12 years old boy and I don't want to hear it from you over and over again. I'm 18. That's it.

top10 My favourite games

1. Of course Team Fortress 2
2. Meadow
3. Sims 3
4. TES: Skyrim
5. Watch_Dogs / Watch_Dogs 2
6. osu!
7. Don't Starve / Don't Starve Together
8. Dragon Age: Origins / Dragon Age: Inquisition
9. Starbound

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Это сова из Хогвартса. Она ебала тебя в рот Отправь это всем друзьям, которых ты считаешь геями
Если тебе вернется 0-3 гея, то ты эксперт по вагинальному плаванью
Если тебе вернется 3-7 геев, то ты украинский шахматист третьего рейха
Если тебе вернется более 7 геев, то ты гей и твои друзья геи
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Отошли это сообщение 5-ти людям в течении 3-х минут и ...
Я пробовал это 8 раз и РЕАЛЬНО НИXYЯ НЕ ПРОИЗОШЛО!!!!
Так ЁБАН0ВРОТ!!! Это на самом деле работает!
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"Herr Führer" means "Mr Leader". Sauce: I speak german.
Mofiz Apr 8 @ 3:25pm 
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