grass type pikachu
BUTTERFLY BUTT   Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Take a sad song and make it better

will always miss the ones I left behind in Asia :'(
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cancer wall
mood backwards is doom

doom is a video game

video games are played by teens and adults

adults include alex jones

alex jones breaks open government secrets

the government turns the frogs gay

frogs are a symbol of trump

the symbol is called pepe

pepe is a italian band from the 80s

italy was part of world war II

world war II was led by hitler

hitler had one testicle

inside of a testicle is sperm

sperm is what makes people

most people are assholes

assholes are on every single mammal on earth

mammals include bats

bats are similar in appearance to birds

birds don't exist other things that don't exist is australia

australia has slow internet connection

comcast has slow internet connection

comcast = mood

medic main person with the drops and bad arrows
part time backburner pub farmer []

full time cancer


S10 Asia 3rd place :".thio" as pyro/heavy sub
S19 Asia 2nd place :"Edelweiss" as engy


AFC10 DIV 2 5th place : "Hairy Ares" as medic
OZF Midsummer Night's Cup Open 1st place : "Cadenza" as medic
AFC11 DIV 2 : "arte et marte." as roster rider
OZF S18 IM: "Cadenza" as medic
OZF S20 Open: "Rise Reborn" as medic
AFC13 DIV 1: "WE ARE BURN XD" as sub medic
OZF S22 Open: "HentaiHeaven Hunters" as sub medic
AFC14 DIV 2: "ayam fruit salad" as sub medic
AFLAN: R%% as medic
AFC15 DIV 1: "In Good Company" as sub medic


S7 Asia 4th place :"Goats and Oats" as medic


I m F2P (Cool cat) : butterfly you pro pic look nice but real is you are devil
hebbeh : brony cancer autism
anth. : how can butterfly butt get so many dominations..
☃ : wtf is with this 3rd degree pyro
I am drowning in Stteam : butterfly butt got noclip
GiSkET[selling kits] : fuck you chingchong fucking shitty med go and fuck a goat you cunt
D* Phreeoni : best wm1 pyro...
Nohat : how do we let him get a ks with a fucking fireax
XxCracadilian45xX : shink and butterfly=cancerous comp players
-HoofBump!- |Happy dog| : butt is hack?
: *SPEC* +[BATTERY]- : its just me or bedroom eyes hacking
Yes : They're aptly named after vegeables, cos it takes no brains to W+M1
Bleu : fluttershy is cancer 2016
Bleu : nerf detonator pls
thanks volvo : buterfly is a skum bag
Your Dad : Cabbage can you every get good and stop being a wm1
OH SHIIIIT! : how i wonder what butt is f2p can make it to the top
*DEAD* i have a pen : who the fuck detonator jumps
*SPEC* maple : this shit is going to reddit
{D.Pink} D a m a g e : now you shall see the agressive side of me
{D.Pink} D a m a g e : ive gone agressive and gotten 103 ks
ϟFerricksϟ : butterfly is the bain of my excitence
*DEAD* Spunky : buterfly f off you tryhard
clckwrk : buttefly how do u get such low ping from china wtf

vivi Nov 7 @ 5:13pm 
sup qt
☣Dy0xYd☣🥇 Nov 3 @ 10:27pm 
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★Atomic Corona Australis
poverty MC Oct 29 @ 10:47pm 
鬼神 Kill Em All 1989
I am trash man
410,757,864,530 DEAD COPS
jiyao Sep 9 @ 6:30am 
poverty MC Aug 25 @ 12:03am 
I’d love to take my colon and remove it from my body

I’d hold it vertically from the roof of my house to the ground below and slowly squeeze all the ♥♥♥♥ out like the end of a toothpaste tube.

When all of the solid ♥♥♥♥ was gone, I’d take a plumbers snake and use it to scrub every last bit of excrement from my diseased intestine

Then I’d leave it there for a day for the inflammation to dissipate from the rough treatment

Finally I’d reinsert my healthy colon and revel in the total cleanness I’d feel
Ravenholmzombies Aug 16 @ 10:57pm 
just sending an add to ask a question