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Posted: Feb 21 @ 12:53am

Longtime fan of this series, and don't get me wrong, this iteration of tekken is simply amazing. The combat has never felt more fluid and I feel like they really listened to the players to deliver what we've been asking for on this one.

However, what nobody has been asking for is their recent rugpull with adding capcom-esque microtransactions post-launch after reviews have come out and everyone has had their hands on the game. On top of the already full-price you pay to get the game, it's a shame that it seems like everything released post-launch will have to be paid for as well. It's no wonder that the customization items were so barebones at launch... And it sucks because what's present with the current customization is quite nice, but unfortunately that will be the extent of your fun with it unless you decide to pony up some more cash. What's even more unfortunate is that no matter how much the community despises this, there's no doubt that whales will fund this profit-model into perpetuity, making it seem like a success on their end.

Not even to mention that this will probably destroy the mod community for this game, as I expect bamco to crack down on those releasing free user-made customization content to the public if they think that it'll lose them a few dollars. But, time will tell.

I love this game, and I'll certainly continue to play it. But I hate seeing such a ♥♥♥♥♥♥ insulting move from my favorite FG of all time. Alas, this is gaming in 2024.
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