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Not telling you c:   United States
Why are we still here.. just to suffer?!
I do not trade. PLEASE do not add me just to trade or you'll be blocked and reject the request. Also, PLEASE give me a reason why I should accept you unless I know you.

Now sod off, bich.

Why are you still here?

Go away already, ya creep.

Fine. Have an apple fruit. 🍎
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[YT]Dremaus1911 Mar 11 @ 1:15pm 
heyas part of vasons rp group ^~^
Big Baws Mar 10 @ 11:22pm 
you're pretty good
well then hehe XD
Dia #LestWeForget Mar 8 @ 4:12pm 
*Boops* You've been Booped by Dia, they say her boops are signs of good luck.
pass this on to your friends if you want to boop them and give them a chance at good luck too! 💯💯 x3
Greggory M. Lee Mar 7 @ 12:01am 
+midnight Music
Very disrespectful
Cap'n Atze Mar 6 @ 11:58pm 
+Midnight Music