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Created by - gieeeeef stech and Brintlo(idling)
821 ratings
During the past years a lot of games have been removed - games you had to buy and free to play games.
It is impossible still to buy the removed games (except you have a key), however, you can play the free to play ones with a quite simple trick that is ex
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In the docks of the northern oceans, sailors whisper tales of an ancient ruin, one unlike any other. A strange dwemer machine, that sits far out in the ocean, overlooking the far shores of Skyrim. And while the sailors tell these t
Created by - MrCasual
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Old but gold!
I almost never write reviews,but this one really deserves one!
Never thought it'd be that good
The start was hard & i was about to give up,when i figured out a new strategy,then i hadnt real issues to pass the game.
The most hard parts are the start & the endbattle(s).
Anyway, whats the story?
You are a king who has been betrayed by his "second hand" a powerful wizard who has started to practise "dark magic".
Anyways, in attempt to kill you,he destroys your armor & everything you have. But instead of death, the king "Alexander" gets teleported to a new country,where he can get more glory & might than he ever had before.
During your travels you meet new friends & enemies,
As i already said,the game itself is easy-mediate,until you face the endbattle,which is kind of hard,when 2 of your allies cant die, or you loose.

Game mechanics:
roundbased strategy + rpg game
Choose between a warrior or mage during skilling
+good story
+start & end pretty challenging
+many different types of enemies & allies
+much different equipment
+when it seems you cant win,you can try a new strategy & the situation will change

+/-grapics are like a few years back,but the game itself just make me to "don't care" about it
+/-quests are interesting,but they always have the same stuff,go kill/find/destroy/collect something,but somehow they were still nice.
+/- easy skilling

-1st chapter/world long,others are in comparison very short
-mid game is very easy
-your "2" friends,who,when they die,will guarantee a game over... They are just bad at killing stuff,when our hero can kill in one move a whole unit(which has one of the strongest enemies in the whole game) the dont even kill one member of it.
-Playing as mage,you become massively overpowered
-playing as a warrior,you will have a very hard time!

To make it short,i enjoyed the game, i felt how my char became stronger & stronger,until he was able to one-hit everything except the endboss.
Good game to waste your lifetime!
Seriously get that game for 3 bucks,its really worth it!

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