Kyle Hudak   Indiana, United States
I make custom assets for Cities: Skylines, and work on 'Titanic: Honor and Glory' when I'm not doing that.

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Is the Vesey\West St. Verizon Building in Cities Skylines?
WTC1973 Jul 16 @ 8:55am 
Do you, by chance, take requests or something?
HayleyFan219 Jun 25 @ 12:43am 
Can you model some Phoenix, Arizona buildings?
luckyswag1 Jun 20 @ 11:15am 
Hey, your American Electric theme is broken I think. The houses stay in the constructing phase.
Pancho Jun 11 @ 9:30am 
Hey, iv'e been looking round the workshop for the New World Trade Center and there is no good assets as they all have (no offence to creators) quite bad LODs and detail, I know this would take a while like the original World Trade center but a lot of people would love to see a detailed version of this center, as your buildings are some of mine and many others in the workshop, thank you.
wok fee Jun 9 @ 8:39am 
make a strip club