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Free Healthcare

Escape from hospital without paying your medical fee
Unlocked Apr 25 @ 8:17pm

A Place to Hang Your Hat

Buy a new apartment
Unlocked May 4 @ 7:44am

It’s all Connected!

Pin 100 unique things to your case board(s) in a single game
Unlocked May 5 @ 5:54am

Nosy Parker

100% complete a citizen profile
Unlocked May 10 @ 6:42am

Dumpster Diver

Search through the trash 20 times
Unlocked May 6 @ 11:55am

Fresh as a Daisy

Have a shower to remove stinkiness
Unlocked Apr 24 @ 12:16am

Easy Pickings

Find a hidden door key
Unlocked May 4 @ 7:36am


Fall down an elevator shaft from 4 floors up
Unlocked May 4 @ 7:36am

Coming Through!

KO someone by barging through a door
Unlocked May 5 @ 7:26am

Room 237

Hire a hotel room
Unlocked Apr 25 @ 8:54pm

Sleeping with the Fishes

Steal a gun and throw it in the sea

Shark Bait

Take out a loan from a loan shark

Jump the Shark

KO a debt collector

Rise & Shine

Complete the ‘Dead of Night’ case

Fully Synchronised

Install all sync disks in a single game

Not the Answer

Complete a murder case without violence

Private Sly

Complete a murder case without being seen trespassing

Gone Daddy Gone

Pay back the starch kola sync disk loan

Too Old for This



Retire without KO’ing anybody

Not a Scratch

Retire without getting KO’d


Drink 100 coffees
9 / 100

Kola King

Drink 100 kolas
53 / 100

Donut Duke

Eat 100 donuts
2 / 100

Lord of the Croque

Eat 100 Croque Monsieurs
2 / 100

Clean as a Whistle

Put 100 junk items in the trash
1 / 100

Diamonds Aren’t Forever

Throw an expensive item through a hotel room’s window

Spare No One

KO everybody in the city at least once


Return a lost item

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