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fuck you
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2:07 PM - Caboose da 'boose: Never gonna
6:07 PM - bippity bopitplayer: GIVE YOU UP
2:07 PM - Caboose da 'boose: SO DONE WITH YOU

6:59 PM - 2change: 69 gb of horse porn

5:51 PM - Skyla: So i got called a Fucking Brony hacker fuckboy
5:51 PM - Skyla: And im like "You got two right"

Monkeynaut: asians are so bad at driving i'm starting to think pearl harbor was an accident

4:19 PM - Alexplayer:
4:19 PM - Bread Alert! is now Offline.

3:45 PM - ↑Prince Spycrab Tabouretski: I had a dream that I sucked my own dick and built a cardboard tank.

Vector - Today at 9:09 PM
sorry to interrupt, but it feels so nostalgic taking a shit while playing gameboy games

12:17 AM - Alexplayer:
12:17 AM - Vector: whut the phuck
12:18 AM - Vector: let's see him bass boost the gta san andreas theme
12:18 AM - Vector: :Y
12:18 AM - Alexplayer:
12:18 AM - Vector: well i'll be fucked and put in a sock

7:30 PM - 3xlneet #ScrapTF: you neon green radioactive fluffy furry cis scum

3:44 PM - Mellow: what's with you and dragon dildos?

5:15 PM - Cazaticus Cazanda: I bet my hole gapes more :v

6:47 PM - That Black Bat Licorice: Lets play a game drink everytime alex send you porn at a inappropriate time
6:47 PM - Alex the Doggo: you'd die

10:14 PM - Alex the doggo: *notices your buldge* owo what's this
10:14 PM - Prince Spycrab Tabouretski: STOP
10:14 PM - Prince Spycrab Tabouretski: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD

6:00 PM - Vector: i better not find more quotes on yer profile that i don't like

5:35 PM - Vector: i just wish though
5:35 PM - Vector: that there were vr GLOVES
5:35 PM - Vector: that you could actually feel things with
5:35 PM - Vector: pick up stuff
5:36 PM - Vector: like titties
5:36 PM - Vector: or water balloons
5:36 PM - Vector: or other round, jiggly objects
5:36 PM - Vector: or a hotdog
5:37 PM - Vector: i felt you put that on your profile as a quote

8:29 PM - Caboose: I met my lover after accidently jizzing on her...I know so romantic

Devourer - Yesterday at 10:09 AM
dude I want a dick in my mouth and in my ass that's not gay that's just wanting a nice delicious meal

KrisDaKitty - Today at 8:46 PM
it's like fuckin toasted on the floor

5:32 PM - Vector: god dammit this one acne medication i have feels like cum on my face

9:51 PM - Vector - 24 'til B: dude holy shit
9:51 PM - Vector - 24 'til B: i just realized something
9:51 PM - Vector - 24 'til B: brazzers can be typed wholly with the left hand

9:12 PM - Vector - 18 'til B: awwwww she even has the necklace of ears >w<

6:31 PM - Vector: master~

7:11 PM - Vector: fuck, my jaw hurts
7:12 PM - Alex the Doggo: Sucking a lot of dick does that, yeah
7:12 PM - Vector: shh

1:50 AM - Prince Spycrab Tabouretski: God is dead and I wholly blame you for it and enabling pizza rape.

11:23 PM - Vector: discord needs more RP/ERP bots

10:42 PM - Alex the gay doggo: it's Gecku .

9:07 PM - 🎃Ashley🎃: i wish i could jizz gravy

6:58 PM - Vector: sly porn of carmelita makes me harder than diamond

4:10 PM - Liting: How has he been a horny 13 year old for 6 years

7:17 PM - Vector: soul calibur > mk

8:53 PM - Vector: look at the simpsons, it's still going strong and there's not a bad episode

5:17 PM - +SPONGE+ [NUTTER]: hi
5:18 PM - Alex the doggo: y o
5:18 PM - +SPONGE+ [NUTTER]: hello i just wondering if your tf2 item up for trade
5:19 PM - Alex the doggo: Yeah I'm giving it away for free
5:19 PM - Alex the doggo: if you can tell me what this is
5:20 PM - +SPONGE+ [NUTTER] is now Offline.

4:21 PM - Israeli Business Man: Metallica by pubescent kids with voice cracks on every note and a very bad backup vocalist
4:21 PM - Israeli Business Man: Yes
4:21 PM - Alex the doggo: You mean normal Metallica

3:10 PM - Vector: anything on pc is mostly-finished
3:10 PM - Vector: anything on consoles is 100% finished
3:11 PM - Vector: no man's sky is a good game and people bitched about it for no good reason
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