Some of the screenshots may include minor~major SPOILERS for Warframe cinematic quest!

*Trading pasta for myself*

{S>}PRIME Sets: Akbolto/Akjagara/Aksomati/Akvasto/Carrier/Ember/Kronen/Mirage/Nova/Vectis/Tekko 120 EACH | Ash/Nekros/Saryn/Venka 140 EACH | Titania/Aklex/Valkyr/Trinity 100 EACH!

{S>} [Frost Prime] 210 | [Mag Prime]170 | [Carrier Prime]100 | [Tigris Prime][Oberon Prime] 80 EACH | [Critical Focus][Anti-Grav Array][Odomedic][Gale Kick][Kavat's Grace]30EACH!

{S>} [Kronen Prime][Saryn Prime] 150 EACH | [Vectis Prime] 160 | [Hikou Prime][Nova Prime][Glaive Prime][Hydroid Prime][Limbo Prime][Ankyros Prime] 140 EACH | [Tiberon Prime] 100!

{S>} PRIME Set: [Vauban][Saryn][Kronen][Volt][Ash][Valkyr][Nekros] 240 EACH | [Akstiletto][Ankyros][Vectis][Oberon][Trinity][Nova] 175 EACH | [Latron][Tigris][Tiberon] 140 EACH!

{S>} [Latron Visitis]100 | PRIME Set: [Vauban][Saryn][Vectis][Mag][Kronen][Volt][Ash][Valkyr][Nekros] 200 EACH | [Euphona Prime][Latron][Tigris][Tiberon][Ember][Trinity] 120 EACH!

[Vauban Prime]165 [Akbolto Prime][Akjagara Prime][Aksomati Prime][Akvasto Prime][Carrier Prime][Ember Prime][Kronen Prime][Kogake Prime][Mirage Prime][Nova Prime][Vectis Prime][Tekko Prime]100 [Akstiletto Prime]140 [Ash Prime][Nekros Prime][Saryn Prime][Venka Prime]120 [Titania Prime][Tipedo Prime][Aklex Prime][Ankyros Prime][Valkyr Prime][Trinity Prime][Volt Prime][Wukong Prime][Soma Prime][Pyrana Prime]80

{H>} Profit taker (1 mil :Credits: per run with a booster) bring anything, but stay near Chroma's effigy in the end to make sure you get 1 mil! (You need Max syndi level)
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