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Visit and learn more about our latest title Sol Avenger! Sol Avenger is a 3D sandbox space shooter for Android and iOS devices, Windows, Linux and Mac.

It hearkens to a simpler time of PC and console gaming where space remained the most compelling frontier. Spaceships are fun, and yet it seems that most developers have given up on having space combat in anything but the most rudimentary form. Sol Avenger rectifies this inexcusable lack.

Meet alien races as diverse as the deceitful Bivalvians and their numerous wretched slave races known collectively as the TarJessians, and the uber-capitalist Skanen Cooperative. Pursue your own personal path of redemption and seek out how to repel the Bivalvians once and for all.

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QFGlenn Jul 3, 2011 @ 10:31am 
I my name is billy, and I protect these here city lights