a.k.a. Tobbit who lives in the   Philippines
Feel free to consume your time on reading my biography and rants, but I
don't recommend it anyway for your time's sake. BEFORE you leave
however, I just wanna say hello... okay you may go now. :steamfacepalm: :2015coal: :steamhappy:

Quick Bio

I play any types of video games except for those with VERY dated graphics;
I still find those fun though, but a couple of hours is completely enough for
me. I'm currently not playing multiplayer games besides casual CS:GO and

I'm more fond of playing singleplayer games over multiplayer games since
cooperation could get really frustrating sometimes unless it's a game that
only relies on individual skills, but where's the fun in that!?

Besides that, I barely have any taste when it comes to deciding which one
is considered a good video game. I pretty much enjoy playing anything
really. I only review those that peaked my interests and I really... REALLY
enjoyed playing, with exceptions on DLCs that I may have not liked.


When playing team-dependent games, I despise those people who keeps
on insulting his/her teammates. It's either they think that adding insult to
injury would make the bad player do better or just throw out hateful words
just to make themselves feel that it's not their fault. May it be the first one
or the other, they are still considered a scum to a community.

Anyway, I will always give a rational manner to those who are nice, who
does not talk on how bad you are at the game, and who are willing to teach
us in a friendly way. I always respect those kind of people since they bring
hope to a community by helping newbies become better. They are
awesome! ^_^

I miss the old days... seeing as if it's now just a part of your memory
is just a bit... melancholic. It's nice to see there are communities still alive
and breathing, but seeing others fall just saddens me. Realizing that the
place that you used to visit suddenly announced that they will be shut
down forever. As others in that community say, "We had a good run."

Other Things to Tell

I've learned that I should:
- not trust anyone (subjectional)
- stop making sarcasm on the internet
- never share my opinions on Youtube's comments section
- only play Dota 2 at 5 AM to 7 AM (beyond these = 9,000 ping. Not kidding.)
- respond to someone immediately (exceptional on the next bullet)
- not talk to flamers, trolls, and other people who gets in the nerves
- never judge a teammate from that one awful match
- never change PC's OS (thanks, Microsoft)
- accept criticism
- get off and move on

Is that it?... I think that's it. So yeah, stay awesome!
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General Stuffs
- the Adder is confirmed for trading
- I have played with the Adder in-game
- I have met the Adder not only on my monitor screen
- the Adder is not known for being a flamer/troll; or
- the Adder was not on my friends list before (can be exceptional)

Other reasons besides those mentioned above will be ignored. Anyway, I only unfriend when the account user was added for trading. Speaking of trading, offer me a trade instead if you're up for a bargain. I'm a high baller when it comes to things I want. ;D

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D2R.Magnostad™ Feb 4 @ 10:22pm 
Hey there! I saw some interesting weather effects in your inventory so I was wondering if you wanted to trade for one or two out of them. Add me if you are interested in trading.
Sep 17, 2018 @ 1:20pm 
Popuko :elrath:
Essex247 Jun 22, 2018 @ 7:02am 
i appreciate the response. thank you :)
Essex247 Jun 22, 2018 @ 1:50am 
just saw your review regarding divinity, and was curious if your thoughts still remained the same on the game.
ReiGBorD May 13, 2018 @ 12:10am 
xLightningFire Mar 6, 2018 @ 6:46pm 
Just wanted to say that I saw one of reviews and I appreciated your formatting and thoughtfulness in giving your review instead of some simplistic hackjob some people do.