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Filthy American scum and fan of anime things.

Hall of random chat logs and copy pastes

LaserBlaster: hey dipshit, you misspelled “hearts”

1:36 AM - DeadlyCreature: ok lugi
1:37 AM - DeadlyCreature: luigi*]
1:37 AM - DeadlyCreature: fuck

Medic Fluttershy ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ 15 minutes ago
Couldnt be more of a blatent cheater. always swung before you even saw us

11:22 PM - Mr Creeps: angryrat is angryretarded

1:43 PM - Icy: get the fuck ON her

8:07 PM - Icy: shit up

10:43 PM - SirAnthonyIII_: fuck off, I'm wanking here

5:05 PM - AlanCrash: i am alreayd
5:05 PM - AlanCrash: fucking hell
5:05 PM - Herats: you are already fucking hell?
5:05 PM - AlanCrash: .

(TEAM) Donator | kringe : hearts might live in minisotaaaaa but our love will always keep usss warmoooo xoxoxoxooxo o<3333333q03

(ALL) Raspie ❅: You are a fucking soma boss. That screaming bitch

AMS Matalife : gg cucked virgin shit nigger team loses

*DEAD* Datwillson! | yt : oh wow
*DEAD* Datwillson! | yt : sniper
Datwillson! | yt : the class with 0 skill

(TEAM) Donator | kronk : HERATS GOT FUCKE

Trash Memer #375632 : gg ya fucking sweaty mtn dew chugging, dorito mucnhing 250 pounder tryhard
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DeadlyCreature Jul 12 @ 1:11pm 
That confirms ur gay for trickster and vice versa. I fucking knew it.

it's joke.
Møo Fat Jul 11 @ 10:02pm 
Hey he🅱️ats
Herats Jul 10 @ 12:26am 
I'm sorry, I didn't know that's how you felt about me. :(
TricksterShadow Jul 10 @ 12:24am 
OK I ADMIT IT I LOVE YOU OK i fucking love you and it breaks my heart when i see you play with someone else or anyone commenting in your profile i just want to be your boyfriend and put a heart in my profile linking to your profile and have a walltext of you commenting cute things i want to play video games talk in discord all night andw atch a movie together but you just seem so uninsterested in me it fucking kills me and i cant take it anymore i want to remove you but i care too much about you so please i'm begging you to eaither love me back or remove me and never contact me again it hurts so much to say this because i need you by my side but if you dont love me then i want you to leave because seeing your icon in my friendlist would kill me everyday of my pathetic life
Blacklisted Jul 6 @ 12:48am 
+rep really fun killer
Chemical Jun 23 @ 11:23pm 
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