LaserBlaster: hey dipshit, you misspelled “hearts”   Minnesota, United States
Please comment your reason for why you’re adding me, unless I know you, your friend request most likely will get shoved aside if you don’t give a reason. Bots will be blocked. I also DON'T trade, so please don't add me about that stuff.

I also do like anime so....

LaserBlaster: hey dipshit, you misspelled “hearts”

Medic Fluttershy ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ 15 minutes ago
Couldnt be more of a blatent cheater. always swung before you even saw us

11:22 PM - Mr Creeps: angryrat is angryretarded

1:43 PM - Icy: get the fuck ON her

8:07 PM - Icy: shit up

10:43 PM - SirAnthonyIII_: fuck off, I'm wanking here

5:05 PM - AlanCrash: i am alreayd
5:05 PM - AlanCrash: fucking hell
5:05 PM - Herats: you are already fucking hell?
5:05 PM - AlanCrash: .

(TEAM) Donator | kringe : hearts might live in minisotaaaaa but our love will always keep usss warmoooo xoxoxoxooxo o<3333333q03

(ALL) Raspie ❅: You are a fucking soma boss. That screaming bitch

AMS Matalife : gg cucked virgin shit nigger team loses

*DEAD* Datwillson! | yt : oh wow
*DEAD* Datwillson! | yt : sniper
Datwillson! | yt : the class with 0 skill

(TEAM) Donator | kronk : HERATS GOT FUCKE

Trash Memer #375632 : gg ya fucking sweaty mtn dew chugging, dorito mucnhing 250 pounder tryhard
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Níghts 7 hours ago 
Hey, you seem friendly, add me please.
ANGEL!PUBGShop 9 hours ago 
Do you want to sell your items
Harry May 22 @ 4:05am 
Hey, you seem friendly, add me please.
Tea-Rex May 14 @ 4:24pm 
+rep funny killer dude :b
DeadlyCreature May 13 @ 11:22am 
Oops, before I forget, let me give you this. It's just a sample of what I sell. :redseedling:
Birdiee Apr 18 @ 1:41pm 
makes sense.