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What are Steam Guides?
Steam Guides are player-created references for games and software, created by fellow members of the Steam Community. Whether you’re stuck on a certain puzzle or looking to find all the hidden secrets in a level, there’s probably a guide to help you through. And if there isn’t, try your own hand at creating one to help others.
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Guides can contain images, videos, text, tables, etc.
Some examples of top-rated guides:
Factorio: How to Build a Main Bus
Hollow Knight
Hollow Knight - 5 Hour Speedrun Achievement Guide by a Speedrunner
Darkest Dungeon®
Curio Guide
by Singe
The Long Guide
Yakuza 0
Dashi's Completionist Guide to: 100% Yakuza 0
Half-Life 2
Lambda Locator
by revlob
Where do I find Steam Guides?
You can find guides in the Steam Overlay or from any Community Hub. You can easily find guides from whatever game you are playing on Steam: Simply open the Steam Overlay while playing a game (the default is pressing Shift + Tab). In the overlay, you’ll see a section dedicated to the top rated guides or any that you have recently viewed or marked as a favorite. You can easily browse for more, or open a recent guide directly from there--all without ever having to leave your game.

Or, you can find guides through the Steam Community by visiting any Community Hub and clicking the "Guides" tab.
Open in-game:
By default, press ‘Shift + Tab’ to open the Steam Overlay
Open in the Steam Community:
Go to any Community Hub and click "Guides" tab
How do I create a guide?
You can create a guide from any Community Hub. Simply navigate to the Community Hub for any game or software you use on Steam and click on the "Guides" tab in that Hub. Then you’ll see a "Create a Guide" button in the right column.

Getting started
Organize your guide
Set up a table of contents to organize your guide in whatever way makes sense for the game and the type of guide you are creating.
Add images, screenshots, videos, tables, and text
You can upload images to insert or use screenshots that you’ve already published to the Steam Community. Insert YouTube videos, create tables, and format your text to whatever suits your guide best.
Publish to the world
Once you’ve finished creating your guide, publish to make it instantly available to anyone in the Steam Community.