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May 11, 2020
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MicroProse is back on the Falcon series

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Corinthas May 22 @ 1:51pm 
So excited about this i think i peed a little :D
Leahi84 May 5 @ 6:54pm 
This is wonderful news!!! I'm so glad MicroProse is back, and that the Falcon series is theirs again! Glad you guys are supporting the BMS team. I think you should totally hire them and work together on what will hopefully be Falcon 5.0! So excited about the future!
Drunken_Jedi May 5 @ 9:16am 
It would be phenominal to see a new Falcon game. DCS is good, but outside of cockpit/systems modelling it really lacks. F4.0 still has better AI and a wonderful (yet accessible) dynamic campaign. I feel a F5.0, even if it was just one airframe (the F-16) would be quite popular if it nails that dynamic campaign "pick up and play" approach, instead of the confusion and often broken DCS mission editor.

Wonderful to see Falcon back!
Caster May 5 @ 9:10am 
"make a modern f-16for DCS" lmao what is this guy on
MisterWizzard May 5 @ 8:00am 
Just make a modern f-16for DCS. You won't surpass their flight model with a single release and we ain't buying a subscription for one plane.
droneattack May 5 @ 2:21am 
That would be great if you could help modernize BMS. I would easily pay money for that.
Kess1987 May 4 @ 11:42am 
Would be awesome if you can support/release BMS on the steam workshop for Falcon 4.0
LLv34 Flanker May 4 @ 11:26am 
Damn! I remember playing MicroProse gamas back on my C64 :) Games like Project:Stealth Fighter and others. Bring it on MP!
ExplodingLemur May 4 @ 10:13am 
@Aspencade Do you know about Falcon BMS []? It's a community-made mod of Falcon 4.0 which runs on current Windows versions with updated graphics and other improvements (like the recent addition of VR support!)
IDMooseMan May 4 @ 9:42am 
This is fantastic news.