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August 19, 2011
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Zeni Mar 30, 2020 @ 3:11pm
Vote types and how to apply for developer
This sub forum is for players and developers to hold votes.

1. Normal votes
Anyone can hold these kind of votes. These can be topics such as a demotion requests for a certain developer or anything that doesn't fit into the sub forum 'Suggestions & Reports'

2. Admin votes
These are to be held only by developers and may revolve around sensible topics.
Players may also voice their opinion on these but developers are not required to consider it.
Contrary to other votes, it is not required to reach a consensus and sometimes only the option with most votes is applied.

3. New Developer votes
Developer votes are made by a player with the support of a developer (mentor) with the goal of reaching a consensus on whether the player would be a good addition to the server as a developer or not.
A consensus must be met with the other developers and players alike, however developer opinions have slightly more weight as the applicant will be working with fellow developers to minimize complaints.

To become a developer:
  1. Find a developer (mentor) on the server that can put you through the process.
    The mentor has to decide at the end whether to accept or reject your rank as a developer.

  2. Gather yes-votes from developers (and users for additional feedback) (including
    screenshots or any other valid proof).
    The required amount varies and less than three yes-votes would probably not pass.

  3. Start forming a post including:
    • A small introduction.
    • The name of your mentoring developer.
    • Links to relevant profiles (e.g. GitHub, Facepunch, Gmodstore) or your portfolio.
    • Look at the template further below to get an idea on how a developer application should look.

  4. We recommend to have your mentor proofread your application before posting it.

  5. Minimum wait time is flexible, but generally should be at least 48 hours to let developers have a meaningful discussion about you.

What happens when your Developer Application passes?
Upon passing you will receive the developer rank on the Garry's Mod server from your mentor and your 3 month dev trial period will begin.
Any questions you may have can most likely be answered by your mentor but possibly also by anyone else.

What is the dev trial period?
The dev trial period exists to determine whether a person will add meaningful contributions to the server within the time period.

In the beginning you will most likely not have access to any private repositories and therefore can not make any lasting contributions.
To contribute, you should consult your mentor about having your changes pushed under your name or gaining read-only repository access with merge requests only.
At the end of the trial period, the mentor can decide whether to keep the applicant as a developer or not. If you get approved, you will get full repository access.
On the occasion that the applicant does not contribute at all within the mentioned time period, their developer rank will be revoked regardless and they may apply again.

A few things to note
  • We recommend that you do not annoy other developers or keep asking for an update on your application. Keep unrelated posts out of the application thread.
  • Abusing the developer rank will result in a demotion and/or a ban.
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Zeni Mar 30, 2020 @ 4:34pm 
Developer Application template
Provided by Kabus.

You can choose to copy this template or come up with something creative yourself.
Developer vote: (Your Name) (Subsidiary information, past names ect.) Summary about me: (Introduction to get people to know who you are and what you can do) Playtime: Garry's Mod: (Hours Played) Meta Construct: (Hours Played) (Other servers if you deem them applicable) Projects and References: (Links to GitHub or GitLab profile, notable repositories and work done) Votes and Mentor: Mentor: (Mentor name, a mentor is required in order to show you how Meta Construct works, unless previously experienced with Meta Construct) Pre-Votes: (You can aquire votes before posting in order to get a sense of who wants you on the development team)
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