The Guild 2: Renaissance - Legacy Modpack TG2-RLMP
The Guild 2: Renaissance - Legacy Modpack TG2-RLMP
August 20, 2013
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McCoy! Feb 6, 2016 @ 12:25pm
Legacy ModPack Download & Install Thread
Legacy ModPack Ver-2.031 Alpha Download:

Legacy ModPack Ver-2.02 Download:
French-Link <--- French Translation Fixes Needed

Install Instructions:
***Zero Mod Compatibility. Disable ALL mods while playing Legacy***
If Steam auto installs patch this is fine but not required. Legacy 2.02 contains all relevant 4.211 enhancements and is a stand-alone install

* Close ALL background tasks! <---Everything in toolbar and taskbar (Extremely important to disable anti-virus and firewall during installation process & after while playing games!!!)

* Click Download Link Below

* Download .zip

* right click .zip file

* select "extract to" option

* Browse and find Guild 2 - Renaissance root folder (C:/Program Files/The Guild 2 - Renaissance) <---if you cannot find that folder you can replace the [C:/] with D,E,F...ect

* You should be prompted to "Overwrite Files". Check box "Apply to all" and click "Yes" to overwrite files

* Install Hotfix - No Hotfix At The Moment

***If Installed Correctly Legacy 2.02 should be visible in the menu screen****

Special Thanks:
- To Atrox: Repopulation Mod was his idea. I was trying to explain to him how to create what he wanted but soon realized it was too complicated and I haven't stopped since. ADDICTION :P

- To GeorgiaBoy: Testing, Support, and because he is a major driving force keeping this game alive...

- To General Chaos: Testing, Support and because he's a GENERAL in keeping this game alive

- To jonaswashe: All Kinds of input and support. From MP stability testing to spotting scripting errors to helping test game balance. Thank you for your tremendous help :)

- To DarkLiz: Has multiple mods now in this modpack!!! Awesome Job and thanks for your hard work and effort! I hope many will enjoy the new features you created :)

- To Teleth: For Creating The Gunsmith & Piracy Mod which is currently in the Legacy ModPack!!! And for providing helpful bug fixes :)

- To SauronSLO: No one has surpassed his attention to detail or reported more bugs while testing.

- To vituss: Has Identified numerous errors! More then enough to earn him a spot in this list. Thanks for the help in making this mod better! :)

- To laser50: His MP testing and logfiles have provided enormous amount of information! If MP can be stabilized he will be a major reason such an accomplishment was made :)

- To Kinver: His REB Mod was a huge project that took a large amount of time. I just want everyone to be aware of the time & effort he spent creating it

- To -Patron-: For his support and feedback in the Original Modpack from which most of these mods came from

- To SunPack: He has not only provided multiple mods for the Mod-Pack but has also provided bug support as well (for old modpack)

- To Fr0st: He found errors within the actual code. All kinds of different contributions are needed for a ModPack of this magnitude :)

- To Zbombe: Fixed numerous errors in the Fajeth modpack. He definitely made that mod more playable and thus kept the game alive. Awesome Job :)

- To Fajeth: Translated the German Version & He Did a Great job collecting a lot of great mods from the community & did a superb job of keeping this game alive :)

- To Arsonil: Translated the German Version of Legacy 2.0! Awesome job and many thanks :)

- To Murgol: Provided French translation so that a French version of the mod could be released! This was took a huge amount of effort so don't forget to thank him :)

- To Tanito: Provided Spanish text.dbt for 4.21 patch making the Spanish release of Legacy 2.0 possible :)

- To Orang Utan: German Translations & he has been super helpful testing and isolating game breaking bugs. This type of contribution is invaluable to a mod of this magnitude :)

- To Napi96: Provided some German translations :)

- To Lammiwinks: Provided fix for blocked installer on Windows 8 OS & very good bug
support :)

- To PhenomTaker: Went above and beyond and offered video reports to identify bugs! VERY AWESOME! :)

- To BugReportForLegacy: Provided a script fix(es) for bug(s). Awesome Job! I hope you stick around and keep modding :)

- To LexOR: For creating the Command Me Mod which is currently in the Legacy ModPack :)

- To Broliii: One of the few people to contribute new graphics to the ModPack. Great Stuff! Keep it coming :)

- To Latinsnake: Provided German Translations

- To Scandal: Lua Scripting Support. Multiple files contain his handiwork! Much appreciated!!

- To IzUaL36: Provided German Translations

- To zabka For helping out with some French Translations :)

- To DarkOmegaMK2 For not only providing translations but finding & fixing numerous errors in the spanish text.dbt file

- To generalbaku for providing French translations :)

- To Anyone Who Reports A Bug: New features are all fine and dandy but if they are riddled with bugs you might as well throw them in the garbage. Thanks in advance for your help guys!

I would also like to thank SiverDK, InsaneKaos, Jeriah, Alinas & nirvana (nirvana = F.H. when he was still I'm Just joking ;D)

All five of these people have shared their knowledge with me and they are the only reason I was able to create these mods and release this Mod-Pack
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