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Archi's SC Farm Archi-ASF
October 29, 2015
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ASF V3.4.2.2 released!
Monthly update :sgsmile:

Have fun! :awoo:

ASF is available for free, this release was made possible thanks to the people that decided to support the project. If you're grateful for what we're doing, please consider donating. Developing ASF requires massive amount of time and knowledge, especially when it comes to Steam (and its problems). Even $1 is highly appreciated and shows that you care. Thank you!

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ASF w/ Winter Sale 2018 patch
How does that version of ASF differ from mainline?
That version of ASF includes extra logic which will vote (randomly) in Steam awards of this year, and open cottage doors daily. Mainline ASF already includes logic for discovery queue, which can be enabled through AutoSteamSaleEvent option.

Apart from that, this version also inherits the ASF logic for custom builds, so it won't automatically update to newer versions. You're expected to return to mainline ASF once event is over.

Why those features are not available for free?
Because they're too sale-specific to be implemented in ASF baseline, they change each half of the year and require continuous effort from me in terms of development and reverse-engineering. Since the code is supposed to work for barely 2 weeks during sale, I consider it a bonus to what I do in ASF, not a main feature. Nobody is entitled to my free time that I decide to put into my projects, and it's my decision what I'm deciding to code and with whom I decide to share it. It's a way for me to say "thank you" to my supporters, since I can show my appreciation by dedicating this amount of time for their support that they offered to me in the last half of the year, unconditionally, for the ASF that they're already using for free.

You don't have to agree with this or my way of doing things, you can always code yourself or use other scripts/tools available to you coded by other people. This is not exclusive automation that only ASF is capable of doing, this is exclusive ASF gift for my supporters.

If you're not interested in what I'm saying here, then this announcement is not dedicated to you and you should move on instead of complaining about things that you're not entitled to. I'm using this opportunity to reward people that care about my person and the project, if you don't, then that's fine, you can voice your concern in a place where there is somebody that cares about what you have to say, because I definitely don't if you do not intend to give back even that little for your continuous ASF usage, support and development that you've received for the last half of the year, for free, and despite of that you jump onto others and bring your negativity here. Nobody asked for that, and we kindly ask you to move on if you're not interested in any of that. Thank you.

How do I exactly get this build?
If you're my patron with total of 5€+ in the last half of the year, check your e-mail. For people that didn't make it, you can send me 5€+ on PayPal or Steam (when sending offer on Steam, don't forget to include your e-mail address in the trade message).

What exactly do I get for donating?
You will get custom ASF V3.4.1.9 build patched for this Steam sale. You won't get dedicated support or any guarantee that the code which works today will continue to work for the rest of the sale. I'll do my best to keep patching it if needed, so you can make use of this ASF for entire sale (by downloading future patches) but there is no guarantee that I will. You also need to realize that you're using this feature at your own risk.

How will I receive the build?
You'll receive the build in up to 12 hours (if I'm caught sleeping) on the e-mail address that you provided (either PayPal one, or the one that you included in trade offer on Steam). Afterwards you'll be able to download the appropriate ASF variant that you'd like to use. You'll also have access (on the same link) to eventual future "patch" builds explained above. If sending a Steam trade, you can check its status to see whether I already got to it and accepted it (in which case I also sent an e-mail), or not.

How do I make use of this patch?
Simply enable AutoSteamSaleEvent bot config property like you'd do in mainline ASF, everything else will happen automatically following existing logic. Keep in mind that the feature starts working in an hour since ASF start, and it might not work right away due to temporary Steam issues, ASF will retry each 8 hours if needed.

Is there any support for this?
No. This version extends AutoSteamSaleEvent feature which is already out of support. There is no guarantee whether this will work or not, and it can also stop working at any given moment. I did my best to ensure that this feature works properly, and very likely it'll keep working, but there is no such guarantee and I also won't offer any special private support for this. You've been warned. You should donate unconditionally expecting nothing in return, and accept the fact that this ASF version is a gift, not a product that you can buy. Please don't donate if you expect anything in return - this is not what donation is for.

Will this patch make it into mainline ASF?
No, I expect this event to be one-time thing, and since this code will get obsolete in less than 2 weeks from now, there is no point in adding it into ASF, neither today nor in the future. Those sale events are rarely making it into mainline, as the code can't be used again in the next sale, and I won't patch ASF every sale just to make this feature work - except as optional reward for my patrons. ASF already includes discovery queue handling which is generic enough and recurring for each sale.


If you understand all of above points, especially lack of support and the fact that this custom build is a gift, and despite of free alternatives and other possibilities you'd still like to get it, then you can do so below. I recommend Steam, unless you can bear with recently introduced ridiculous PP fees (EU with EUR has low fees to me). Also notice that becoming my patron now will not count towards that, as you won't be charged until next month. Bitcoin donations are also welcome, remember to include e-mail in the transaction.

In any case, I'd like to thank you for your support and kind words, it means a lot to me. This is the least I can do to say thanks :sgsmile:.

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(Please note that I do not accept any friend invites due to massive amount of people - send me a trade with what you consider appropriate and I'll accept it. In very unlikely case where you confirmed that your donation passed through but you didn't get anything in 12 hours since then, and you made sure that my e-mail did not end up in your spam folder, then you can leave a comment on my profile and I'll double-check)

Merry christmas and happy new year! :sgsmile:

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