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August 21, 2017
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Details about the Level up bot and all commands.
The bot use very simple features and shouldn't be any problems using.

1) Add the bot:
2) Check the amount !check
3) Enter your desired level or amount of key(s) you wanna use to buy sets with. (i.e !level 100 or !buy 1)
4) Wait for the offer to get ready, then accept.
5) Enjoy crafting your badges!

Note: You cannot trade with the bot if:
>You got a trade ban.
>Got trade holds (Limited account, temporary disabled, don't have mobile auth activated),
>Private profile or inventory (make sure everything is public!),
>The keys or sets you have are not tradable.

Same rules apply if you wanna sell sets.

1) Add the bot:
2) Check the sell check by using !sellcheck
3) Enter the amount of key(s) you wanna buy with sets (i.e !sell 5)
4) Wait for the offer to get ready, then accept.
5) Enjoy your CSGO case keys/TF2 keys or gems!

(No whitelist required, anyone can sell & buy from the bot)

The bot accept any type of CSGO case keys (PLEASE NOTE: Hydra keys are at a lower rate!!!) and any full trading card sets (including non-marketable sets & Vanilla/Esports keys).

>The bot will remove you after 90 days of inactivity, make sure you join the group!
>The bot will only send you sets you can craft, however make sure the sets you have in your inventory is crafted FIRST before you trade with me!
>The bot has a limit with some sets, if I got well over 100sets I most likely wont accept more!
>Limit per trade with !buy 50 or !sell 50, I would advice lower trades in order to not have the trade cancelled for reasons like: Someone else buying sets and they become unavailable before trade is finished, lagg or Steam trades being slow.

All commands:

!prices / !rates
!buy (set to CSGO)
!buypubg (disbaled currently)
!buyone (Badge collector - gives you 1 badge per game)
!check (amount of keys)
!checktf (amount of keys)
!checkgems (amount of sets)
!checkhydra (amount of keys)
!checkpubg (disabled currently)
!sell (it's set to CSGO)
!sellpubg (disabled currently)
!level (amount) - Will do any level calculated quickly (Max 3000)

Accepted payment:
Chroma 2 Case Key
Huntsman Case Key
Chroma Case Key
Winter Offensive Case Key
Revolver Case Key
eSports Key
Operation Vanguard Case Key
Shadow Case Key
Operation Wildfire Case Key
Falchion Case Key
Operation Breakout Case Key
Chroma 3 Case Key
CS:GO Case Key
Operation Phoenix Case Key
Gamma Case Key
Gamma 2 Case Key
Glove Case Key
Spectrum Case Key
Spectrum 2 Case Key
Clutch Case Key
Horizon Case Key
Danger Zone Case Key
Prisma Case Key
CS20 Case Key
<<< Remember you cannot purchase keys in-game anymore, they wont become tradable if you do: >>>

Operation Hydra Case Key (AT A LOWER RATE)
Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
Steam gems (unpacked, not in a sack) - no stack required.

Please note: I do NOT accept any other payment, regardless of overpay or increments.


The bot wont accept offer(s) received, simply use the commands to trade with me.
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Trade error, bot doesn't respond, don't get added, bot errors in general solutions:

  • If the bot is offline, it's because I'm restarting or the bot is temporary down. Please try again later and join the group for updates.
  • Simply wait a couple of minutes (5-10 usually) will do the trick.
  • Steam might be down, I'd suggest looking at
  • Remove the bot & re-add it.
  • Sometimes the bot are under heavy load by multiple users buying at once, the sets might become unavailable because several people at once are trying to buy them. Wait a while or buy a lower amount.
  • "error when loading your inventory" - usually if you have a large inventory or Steam is being slow, try again later - This is a common issue nowdays.
  • If you buy an amount that contains 100+ items in the trade window - It usually gives you an error on your authenticator - Don't worry, if you can't access your trade offers the items are usually processing and can vary from a minute to 30mins if you purchased a lot of sets. If you refresh your confirmation(s) on your authenticator and the trade disappeared that means the trade is processing or look at your trade offers if it got cancelled.
  • With 1000's of trades done by now, there's usually never an issue, sometimes a little slow. The main errors are I can't leave a comment on your page due to restriction/no comment section. So make sure you got everything setup correctly before trading with the bot!
  • You can only see the set stock by adding the bot due to a Steam update removing In Game Status from users not being friends.
  • Contact owner
  • Quick support through Discord -
  • Telegram support (slower response) -

  • If you are living in the netherlands, you cannot use CSGO items due to the new law set in the netherlands regarding loot boxes. Please use TF2 keys instead as those are still available. - You can trade and sell on the market again!
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Make sure that you understand and have read the details regarding the bot.

By trading with the bot you accept and understand these rules.

Always craft your sets in your inventory before trading with the bot and have your profile & inventory fully public for at least 5mins.

If you misunderstand the concept of !buy & !buyany, buy sets and don't craft inbetween trades or any other mistake. It's on you, I've helped quite a few people and if it's something from the bot's end I always refund/try to assist you as best as I can.

You can always reach out to me or post in the my Discord, but I can't help everyone that do simple mistakes. If you expect specific sets, or keys as a seller or swapping set(s) for set(s). This is not the service I provide.

Please note - the items the bot accept are csgo case keys/tf2 keys/gems, I do NOT accept paypal, cryptocurrencies, items or any other manual trading. Update 27th June 2019: I'm now willing to accept BTC as an experiment if you conduct with me on Discord.

Further features & updates are coming and are posted primarly on Discord.
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"An error occurred while sending your trade offer, can you please try again" explained further:

This is a common error these days due to a large variety of issues with Steam. I will explain each one and the most common below.

1) Steam is currently having some minor issues with their servers. Probably Steam store/community so it cannot properly load your badge progress or inventory. Could also be due to TF2/CSGO inventory being down temporary (which happens A LOT). Please check: and if it's "Slow" or "HTTP Error" in any area, please expect some downtime.

2) If multiple people use the bot and the trade offer got cancelled. It'll take some time for the items to be retrieved again, this could take up to almost an hour if you have a large trade that got cancelled. This is also something I cannot control or "speed up". So you'd simple have to wait for all the items in both inventories to be returned. (Please note: it will also cancel itself if you don't accept it in time)

3) Temporary can't request the information from the user, your profile information is required for the bot to work - I suggest making sure everything is set to public (inventory and profile).

4) Bot is having issues to connect to the Steam servers/TF2 or CSGO inventory. Your profile is required, and the bot's profile and inventory is required for it to work. The bot might not be able to access the required data for it to work immediately, which will give an error temporarily.

The bots I own and run always have trades go through almost every single hour, so I can assure you the bots are working if they are online.

Feel free to discuss, notify or ask for further assistance through my Discord if you need some guidance:

This is a common issue for other bots and we're actively trying to make sure to have the bot running smoother in the future!
Decimals pricing and explanation:

The bots now support decimals trading. Which means if you buy 1 key worth of sets and the rate is 10.5 - the bot will round up to the nearest amount possible in the bot's favour.

Price is at 10.5 sets with 1 key purchased = you get 10 sets.
Price is at 10.5 sets with 2 keys purchased = you get 21 sets
Price is at 10.5 sets with 3 keys purchased = you get 31 sets.
Price is at 10.9 sets with 1 key purchased = you get 10 sets.
Price is at 10.1 sets with 9 keys purchased = you get 90 sets.

Please keep this mind even if you reach x.99 the bot will always round down in favour for the bot to prevent abuse. This rule is applied to both buying and selling.

It also wont take in account multiple trades - or various of currencies used.
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