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March 8, 2014
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SligWolf Jul 8, 2016 @ 9:50pm
How to test a Garry's Mod addon.


In the past I noticed very often that people write bug reports for an addon that is in most cases just an addon conflict. I would like to explain here, how I recommend to test an addon and to find the real troublemaker.

If you don't like much text or don't want to read much, then spare your time and delete the addon that make problems! I'm serious about that.
If you don't take your time to read carefully then it is just not important enough for you and you should go.

I test my work in SP and MP on different PC's.
(SP = Singleplayer, MP = Multiplayer)
I would never release a addon or update without testing it enough.

Okay let's get started.


1. Start your Garry's Mod.
2. Disable all addons except the addon that you want to test.
3. Close the game.
4. If you have other addons as a folder in your addons folder:
Then please move them out for the test. (Wire addon via SVN can still be in the folder)
5. Start the game.
6. Try it first in SP.
7. If you have still issues in SP, play on a local MP game.

If everything works now, then you can stop here.

8. Close the game.
9. Go to: "C:\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\cache"
Delete everything inside this folder.
10. Start the game.
11. Try it first in SP.
12. If you have still issues in SP, play on a local MP game.

If everything works now, then you can stop here.

If you have still problems then try to re-subscribe the addon like this:

1. Start your Garry's Mod.
2. Go to addons and uninstall the addon.
3. Type in your console "menu_cleanupgmas" and hit enter.
4. Close the game.
5. Subscribe the addon again in the workshop.
6. Wait until the download is done.
7. Start your Garry's Mod.
8. Test again like above in Testing.

If the addon makes no problems anymore, then you can be sure that this addon is fully functional. If you enable all addons again and the tested addon does not work correctly, then you have another addon that cause an conflict.

GMod now sorts the addons after the subscribe date.

I recommend this method:
Disable all addons except the addon that you want to test.
Then activate page by page the addons. But remember to test after you activated one page, to know where the troublemaker is hidden.
If you now know on which page the troublemaker is, then deactivate all addons on this page again and activate the addons one after another and test.
It should now be easy, to find the troublemaker.

If GMod should mix up all addons again in the addon list, it is hard to use a good method to find the troublemaker in a fast way.
Then I would recommend the long and heavy way:
Enable one addon after another and test again every time you have enabled another addon. This means that you have to restart the map or the game for every test.

Please remember to follow these steps as precise as possible, otherwise any result is 100% invalid.

Important Hint:

There are Garry's Mod bugs which happen rare in SP and sometimes even in MP for some people. At the moment there is no explanation for this. BUT this can happen:

- Any kind of force have only half power
(Like the gmod thruster use OR the lua function "PhysObject:ApplyForceCenter()")
- Parented objects seems as if they dragged behind the base object or vehicle.
(As faster the speed so more it will be away from the base object or vehicle.)
- The lua function called "Player:KeyReleased()" does not work.
(Many addons use this. Not only my addons.)

Last but not least:

If you come from my workshop because of a problem with one of my addons and have still problems after the testing from above, then leave a post in my group discussion
> Bug Report < with a good explaination and maybe some screenshots that discribe the problem.

Thank you very much for reading and have a nice day!

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