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April 18, 2019
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F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions.
1. What are badges?
A set is all the cards needed to craft a badge once.
A badge is an icon on your profile (and tied to your account) that represents the trading card sets you've collected or your participation in an event.
Read about Steam Trading Cards on the official page.

2. Do I need to own the game to craft its badge?
No, you may craft badges from games you don’t own.

3. How to use the bot?
Add the bot to your friends list and type the command you want via Steam Chat.
You don't need to send a trade offer or do something else, just send the command and let the bot take care of the rest.
List of all commands you can see by using a command “!help" or "!commands".

4. Do I need to deposit anything? How do I know it's safe?
You don't have to deposit anything. Everything is done through Steam and you may always check the trade offer you received before accepting it.
Also, if you change your mind, you may decline the trade offer at anytime.

5. What items do I need to buy sets?
Currently accepting
  • All CS:GO Keys. (Except Sticker, Capsule Keys)
  • TF2 Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys
  • Steam Gems
  • Hydra Keys have a different rate!

6. I want to reach level 70. How do I calculate how many sets I need?
Use “!level 70” command to calculate how many sets you need to reach a specific level

7. I have 4 CS:GO Keys. How do I calculate how many sets I will get?
Use “!check 4” command to check how many sets you can buy with a specific amount of keys.
• !checktf 3 - for TF2 Keys or !checkgems "amount" for Gems.

8. What if the bot sends me sets that I have already crafted?
This won’t happen. Your badges will be checked, and you will receive only sets that you can craft immediately.
However, the bot does not check card sets in your inventory. Always craft your sets in your inventory before trading.

9. Why I can’t trade?
Mandatory terms without which you can not trade with the bot:

⠀⠀1. Your probably have full CS:GO Inventory or TF2 Inventory.
⠀⠀2. Your profile and inventory must be public.
⠀⠀3. The keys you have are tradable.
⠀⠀4. You don’t have a trade bans.

10. What is the cost Steam Level?
Cost depends on your account steam level.

11. But can you send me a trade manually?
Sadly no.
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