hsCorp Gaming Community hsCorp.de
hsCorp Gaming Community hsCorp.de
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25 Tháng 6, 2014
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hsCorp.de - Since 2012


Our community, named "HsCorp" - formerly known as "The HeadShot Corporation", was founded in 2012 with the aspiration to be amongst the best Counter Strike 1.6 gamming communities on the web.

Re-founded in February 2014, our mission was clear: To set out and create a legal, professional, and fair environment for gamers to be a part of. During this process we migrated all our servers to a data centre located in Nuremberg, Germany. Most aspects of hsCorp have been refined, from our hierarchy of management to our philosophy in regards to the operation of our community, to ensure that we provide an experience that is both fair and hospitable. Therefore we can say that we live by the old name, but not the same practices.

Today, with the objective of providing a community that allows like-minded players to enjoy gaming online, we are a group of people that, unlike many, do not focus specifically on a single game but rather focus on socializing with each other over a wide range of games and topics. Maintaining a high standard of security and confidentiality is always our number one priority. One of the ways we have implemented this into our website is through the use of SSL, which encrypts all data that our customers send to us. This ensures that our customers are kept safe when they checkout with us.

If you’re someone who likes to be a part what takes place behind the scenes, then sign up today and be a part of our union of mature people from all over the globe.

Also, Feel free to join us on our forums at http://www.hscorp.de - We won't bite!*

If you have been invited to this group by our recruiter, it typically means that you have recently played on a hsCorp Server - We'd love to have you in the group, however we understand if you do not wish to join us - Don't feel pressured! However rest assured we will not spam annoying events or announcements - they have been and will always be used with moderation here.

Server IP's

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:
Public #1 Prime & NonPrime:
Public #2 Prime Only:
AWP Only:
AutoMix Prime Only:

Counter-Strike 1.6:
Zombie Escape:

Voice Server
https://discord.gg/wj7pR2f - Discord Server

hsCorp.de: Forum[www.hscorp.de]
hsCorp.de: Servers[www.hscorp.de]
Hscorp 3 Month Tournament
hsCorp Gaming community changes!

• Public #2 128tick Prime Only

• Awp Only 128tick Prime/noprime

•Automix 128tick Prime Only

As for the CS1.6 Zombie Escape which is under maintenace now because we're making a huge updates for the server

• Zombie Escape (currently with a Password)

The only thing we may ask you to do is, add these IP's to your favorites
However our Website will remain the same as always maybe there will be some changes in the future but we gonna make sure to inform you

As a second announcement there will be changes in the staff team in order to reorganize and develop our lovely community, for this we are proud to announce our newest Community Owner who will be joining us and hopefully we are waiting much from him eddy https://steamcommunity.com/id/SimplyMonster , congratulations and welcome to the team :)

We would like to thank you for being with us since so many years
Feel free to contact us, whenever you have a question or any kind of problems.
Fastest way for response is to join our Discord:
If you don't use Discord, feel free to register at our forums:

So stay tuned, and be prepared for this step and thanks for everything.

Kind regards
hsCorp.de - #1 Gaming community Team

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"You don't have time to search for the best games? This is our speciality!"
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BREAKtheArtist 20 giờ trước 
It's BREAKtheArtist
I aim high and long so I land the farthest
AmiGo 26 Thg09, 2023 @ 4:03am 
Will never forget you guys thanks for all the good time
sap 7 Thg08, 2023 @ 11:11am 
comment for comment
ShinobiVixen 30 Thg05, 2023 @ 2:55pm 
you will be forever in our heart
[NRW]_Sniper 8 Thg03, 2023 @ 10:11am 
brother toe 13 Thg12, 2022 @ 2:23am 
why did they close it? :(
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