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Knubster Aug 25, 2017 @ 4:17am
DarkRP Server Rules
Last updated: 19/5/2020 (dd/mm/yy)

General rules

Always use common sense.

Impersonating Staff/players - You are not allowed to impersonate any staff member/player on the server.

Prop Abuse - The use of a prop to harm, push, block, or surf is not allowed.

Mugging - You may mug any player on the server (except in spawn), the maximum mug amount is $10000. You need to advertise a mug with the amount of money you want. The mugging cooldown is 10 minutes.

Random Death Match (RDM) - To kill or harm another player you require a valid role-play reason to do so.
- Examples of valid reasons to kill another player:
The player enters a highly restricted area such as the back of PD or the bank.
The player kills an ally or friend of yours.
The player attempts to destroy or steal your property.
The player acts threatening towards you.

Random Arresting (RDA) - As a police officer you need to make the player wanted to arrest them but only with a valid reason that is against the LAW.

New Life Rule (NLR) - You are not allowed to return to the place you died at before the NLR timer runs out. NLR timer: 3 minutes.

Hacking - Any form of hacking, scripting, cheating, or malicious client modification is not allowed on our servers.

Witch Hunting - is not allowed.
Example: Targeting someone to ruin their experience in any way.

Disrespect - You are not allowed to disrespect players or staff members.

Spamming - Spamming is not allowed on our servers, do not repeat messages within a short amount of time. This applies to both text and voice chat.

Kidnapping - You have to advert kidnap. You can kidnap anyone on the server. The kidnapping cooldown is 10 minutes. The maximum money that you can request from a kidnapped player is $20000. You are only allowed to kidnap players using the job "Kidnapper".

Wanted - You may not kill police officers while wanted unless they are making an attempt to actively arrest you.

Advert - Do not stack/chain adverts.(Example: kidnap/mug/warn/assist)

Building rules

Fading Doors - You are allowed a maximum of 4 fading doors to access any part of your base, this does not include fading doors that are part of a printer safe.
*All fading doors require a button, keypad, or keycard scanner clearly visible and close to the fading door that can be used to activate them.
*Fading doors used to enter or exit your building should be operable from both sides of the fading door.
*There must be enough space between 2 fading doors to fit 2 players.

Base doors - You must be active within a base which you own the doors fo, players can otherwise call staff to sell your doors.

Fair Fight Do not set up an unfair advantage in a firefight within your base
Example: Where you can see and shoot someone, but they cannot see or shoot back or any other unfair advantage.
No crouch/jump bases (forcing another user to crouch in order to enter your base).

Prop Block - You may block unused areas and entrances of your structures or bases as long as there is at least one entrance and no entities are blocked.

Police Departments - Only government employees may build in a police department. These are Police and Mayor. No illegal entities may be stored inside a police department. This rule also includes all jail areas.

Police Checkpoints - Police may construct checkpoints. Players may only be held for a maximum of two minutes.

Roof Structures - Bases or structures may be built on a roof as long as the roof can be accessed, either via the world or with a built ramp.

Entities - Do not store entities in inaccessible areas of the map. This includes storing entities inside world props.

Making a base outside the map - Making a base outside the map is not allowed.

Text Screens - You are not allowed to place them on anyone's house or another players base. Text Screens cannot contain anything offensive.

Spawn areas - You are not allowed to build in the spawn area.

Building on the road - You are not allowed to build on the road, only police checkpoints or bases with a ramp. You can build a base on the road but there must be a way for people to cross to the other side without entering your base.

Number of bases - You can only have 1 base to place entities inside of.

Raiding rules

Raid timer - Do not raid the same base more than once within ten minutes.

Raiding area - You may not kill nearby players unless they're inside the building in which you're raiding

Finish - You should leave as soon as possible once you are done raiding. You are not allowed to wait in a base.

Building signs - If someone has a building sign they cannot be raided. If you think they have entities in their building report it to a staff member.

Building - Building or rebuilding during a raid is not allowed. Any repairs must be done once the raid has ended.
*A single prop may be placed during a raid to block a camera but this should be removed once the raid has ended.

Advert - You don't need to advert raid, except the PD raid.

Job rules

Job abuse - You may not switch jobs during an RP situation.

Raid/mug: No
Print: Yes
As a citizen, you are a standard member of the community. You may own a pistol to defend yourself if you have a gun license and even set up your own business. You may purchase a home in the city or on the outskirts to live, you may also own printers.

Raid/mug: No
Print: Yes

Bank Manager
Raid/mug: No
Print: Yes
As a Bank Manager, you can build a bank and store other people's printers in there legally.
The bank manager is the only one allowed to build in the bank.

Sewer Monster
Raid/mug: Raid yes, mug no.
Print: No
-You are allowed to be anywhere on the map.
-You can kill anyone on sight ONLY with your crowbar and ONLY in sewers.
-You should not attack miners.
-You are allowed to break NLR.

Raid/mug: No
Print: No
-You are allowed to mine AFK.
-You are supposed to be around your mining area.
-Making a base as a miner is not allowed.

Heavy Gun Dealer
Raid/mug: No
Print: Yes
-Same as gun dealer rules.

Gun Dealer
Raid/mug: No
Print: Yes
-No spawning printers until you set up your shop. The shop should be part of where you are basing.
-You are allowed to self-supply but you must sell guns to other people.
-You MUST own a gun shop. If you don't start building it within 10 minutes you will be punished by a staff member (or just demoted by a player).
-You can't scam players.

Bus driver
Raid/mug: No
Print: Yes

Liquor Seller
Raid/mug: No
Print: Yes

Drug dealer
Raid/mug: Raid NO; Mug YES
Print: Yes

Raid/mug: Yes
Print: No
You cannot own guns or cars as you are too poor to own them nor can you have printers. The streets are your home you build shanty shelters from the harsh colds of night and sing for money, in hope for civilians to donate money to you for survival.
- Can build anywhere except inside, but props on road should still allow all players to get past.
- Can't own doors.
- Can use keypads/fading doors.
-You must follow orders from the Hobo King.

Hobo King
Raid/mug: Yes
Print: Yes
-You need to rule all other hobos.

Raid/mug: No, only if hired by someone to heal them while raiding.
Print: No
- Medics should run some form of a hospital or other medical-related roleplay aspect.
- You can be hired by anyone to heal anyone in a raid (expect in P.D. raid).

Raid/mug: Yes
Print: Yes
-/advert terror cooldown is 30 minutes.
-You are KOS for the police.
-You are allowed to kill anyone when you have adverted terror until you die.

Raid/mug: No
Print: No
As the mayor, it is your job to keep the city in safe hands and to keep the police force at work. You must create laws of the land and control the town. You may own a safe house along with your bodyguards and must not break illegal laws.
- Laws may not break server rules.
- Laws can't contradict the default laws or legalize illegal things.
-You must have a reason for lockdown.

Raid/mug: Raid yes but not mug
Print: No
You follow the orders of the Chief & Mayor and keep peace & order to the community. As a police officer, you patrol the streets to keep them safe from criminal activity.
- Police are here only to keep the streets free of crime.
- They don't have to ask why people are wanted.
- They may only arrest wanted/people who break city law.
- Obey the Mayor, Police Chief.
- You can arrest anyone with a gun in their hand/Hotbar expect if they have a gun license.
- Do not stun stick abuse.
-You are allowed to break NLR at the PD.

-Same as police rules.

SWAT Leader
As S.W.A.T Leader you strategically organize all the planning for raids. You will be in control of the S.W.A.T members and will work with the Cheif of Police to take down criminal gangs & activity.
-Same as police rules.

Police chief
-Obey the mayor and follow his orders(unless they are breaking server rules).
-Same as police rules.

FBI Agent
-Obey the mayor and follow his orders(unless they are breaking server rules).
-Same as police rules.

Security officer
Raid/mug: Can accompany if with their employer.
Print: Yes with his employer.
As a security guard, it is your job to be hired and sell yourself to companies to protect their assets. You may have to acquire a gun license to avoid illegal activities and draw suspicion towards your hired company. As a Security Guard, you can be hired by anyone with money to pay for your services and are allowed any weapon to protect your assets. As a Guard, you can own a home but it is advised your home is with the company you are hired by as you need to be protecting it at all times.
-You are there to guard an establishment or person, including the mayor.
-Police should unwanted you if you are defending your employer/establishment AS LONG AS they are working for a legal player.
-You can't have your base, but you can be part of your boss' base.

Raid/mug: Yes
Print: Yes
Gangsters are low-life scum who mug, kidnap, steal and raid for the sole purpose of money. They are greedy and will do anything to make a quick buck.
-You can raid PD with a 10-minute PD raid cooldown.

Raid/mug: Can raid if the people inside have a bounty, can't mug.
Print: No
- No taking private hits. They must be done through the system.
- You can't base with anyone. Your job is to kill players with bounties not print money.
- You are allowed to kill anyone, anywhere with a hit on their head.

Raid/mug: Yes
Print: Yes
Thieves can lockpick their way into people's homes for petty robbery. They are masters at thievery and can get away with almost anything.

News cameraman
Raid/mug: No
Print: Yes

Raid/mug: No
Print: Yes

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NOTE: US General, FBI Agent and Tow Truck Driver are VIP jobs.
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