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Hey everyone. As promised earlier we are releasing a fresh pack of content for Zombie Driver HD this week. It is called the Apocalypse Pack and it includes two awesome cars available in all game modes, plus an extra Slaughter Mode map - the Military Base.

Both of the new cars are guest appearances from our earlier project - D.I.P.R.I.P., which was a multi player car combat game released in 2008 as a free Source Engine mod. The first of the two is called the "Chaos 126p" and it's a small and nimble monster truck (as far as monster trucks can be small, anyway). It's very fast and handles incredibly well in tight corners. The second one is a huge custom made truck with jet engine exhausts called the "Auroch". It can ram through anything on it's path, has lot's of nitro and can carry up to 8 passengers in the Story Mode.

The Military Base Slaughter mode map is one of the larger levels and as the name implies it's a based in an abandoned army depot. If Slaughter Mode was about ice skating I could say that it's the perfect place for making beautiful loops in harmony with soul touching music, but fortunately it's not so you can exchange loops for insanely long combos and soul touching music for the sound of metal ploughing through hundreds of zombies.
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