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This is the official place for all things Squake, the game of snake but with some multiplayer fighting mixed in, so better. Share your feedback, suggestions, and discuss the game among yourselves.

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Hello Squakers!

It's been a busy time since the release of the game. Lots of updates, changes, and improvements. And you all helped us make them.

We just released another update with some interesting and big changes that we bet you all will enjoy.
Here they are:
  • Steam Cloud working across Win/Mac
  • Freeze powerup now creates a frost wave that expands, no longer a whole map freeze
  • Added word collecting mini-game! Now you will receive coins once you collect words in Arena maps. Definitely a challenge
  • Greatly reduced inverse steering drops
  • Bug Fix for when train wasn't following the mouse while a mouse button was pressed
  • An error message is shown when trying to use incorrect control type (using keyboard when controller is plugged in for example)
  • An icon on dominating player's name is shown Domination mode to help identify and hunt them down!
So that's this update. Not an insignificant one, eh?
And most of the updates were like that. Let us look back at the changes and fixes since the release:
  • Fixed buggy controls for when playing with a controller
  • Active Powerup indication on the train, with indications before they end
  • Hall Of Fame!
  • Collisions with walls improved greatly across all levels (iterated many times)
  • Fixed and improved indication of the Domination mode leader
  • Button cooldown timers
  • Joystick control mode when Follow is selected in Settings
  • Controller support for navigating menus
  • When player boosts, turning speed remains the same, but the radius of the turn is increased
  • Added text notifications for team towers when teams reach 30%, 50% and 80% points.
  • Fixed incorrect domination leader being shown.
  • Fixed crash when exiting game on Windows.
  • Fixed spawning on Saws
  • 20% dead zone for joystick and triggers
  • Some font adjustments
  • Singapore server added
  • MUSIC!
  • Balance tweaks on many maps
  • Cooldown timers for the switches
  • Large improvements to how bouncing works
  • Some glitchy quests and many other small issues are now fixed.
Not a bad list, we'd think. And this is just since release, with lots of small tweaks that are not even on the list. The changes we've made since the beta launch has is huge!

So, now with all of this, we believe the game is at a point where it's much, much better and more fun.
Ever since the game has been approved on Greenlight in 2013, there was a sense of "this would be fun to play with more people". This feeling remained and was the driving force for the last year before the release.
Even though there was a big gap in development and a lot has changed since 2013, this has not, and when getting back to Squake we knew what needed to be done.
At this point, the original concept is so different to what the game is now, that it feels like it's almost Squake 2 that's been released.

With all that said, there's another thing that we'd like to bring attention to.
The game is now way cheaper!

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