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gunner1023 Aug 1 @ 8:06pm 
Also let me pick my casualties for every battle, the situation could be different each time I don’t like have them automatically assigned based on a profile.
gunner1023 Aug 1 @ 7:57pm 
I would like to see an option added to turn off the victory city rule or the option to keep playing past victory. Also needs to incorporate an option for developments if the players want them.
Julius Borisov  [developer] Aug 1 @ 9:20am 
At this time, the optional rules from the rulebook are not available, but we're interested in the community feedback. Please file that as a feature request at
gallanon Aug 1 @ 8:49am 
Guess that's a no on bringing in tech from some of the other versions. Will there be options for some of the alternate rules in the 1942 second edition rules, for example the total domination victory condition?
Julius Borisov  [developer] Aug 1 @ 3:02am 
Pick your casualties - now there're defensive profiles which you can set. A built-in default defense profile selects casualties for the defender. Players can customize up to 5 of
their own defense profiles from the Settings/Account Settings screen. They can specify which defense profile they wish to use in each game from the Game Settings screen during setup and gameplay.

The black screen of death - make sure your PC follows the min specs outlined in our FAQ:

Technology - it's not a part of Axis & Allies: 1942 Second Edition. I recommend to check out the rules at
gallanon Jul 31 @ 9:50pm 
Just realized this version of AA cuts out technology completely. Any plans to work on adding in an option to play with tech included?
ishr Jul 31 @ 7:05pm 
So you don't get to pick your casualities still? Can anyone answer this question? I will not be buying if that's the case.
dcwtexas Jul 31 @ 6:42pm 
I just purchased and downloaded the game. I get the black screen of death as it will not load. Then the black screen goes away and...nothing. Bad install?
TexasRob Jul 31 @ 4:33pm 
just finished 4hrs of game play, biggest issue is not fighting your defensive battles, next big issue is the number of clicks you are required to make during battles & combat movements with loading troops on transports etc....

I know its early access so hopefully they can smooth out the game play and speed up the dice roll during combat, still love A&A so will be happy with any improvements they make to game play
Julius Borisov  [developer] Jul 31 @ 11:52am 
@Diarmuhnd Replied to your Forum question about the EULA.