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Active Shooter

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@jaco did u read what i post?
Five_Six Jul 8 @ 8:56pm 
The people talking about how "this game profits off of human suffering" seem to never watch the news.

Those who are mad this was banned seem to not know why it was in the first place.

Oh, and those who threaten the developers for displaying terrorism seem to incapable of seeing the irony.
JacoTheNotSoGreat Jul 6 @ 12:48pm 
this game takes place in a school and most games that use this sort of objective like csgo or the SWAT series, either only let you play as the "good guys" or atleast make the hostages legal adults.
1. This game was meant as a school shooting simulator for SWAT and Police members to practise with in case this was to occur again. (Dunno how this would help them in any way)

2. Why criticise this game for using a very common game objective of games (Criminals who take hostages vs SWAT scenarios), which just so happens to occur a lot in America.

3. This game very much reflects the result of allowing anyone 18+ to have access to guns. So for anyone who still hasn't realised it is really dumb to allow anyone 18+ to have access to guns, well I do pitty them for their ignorance.
(Your basically blaming games again for the government's incompetence...)

4. People who actually think this looks somewhat realistic, should either get their eyes fixed or redefine "Realistic".
where to downlaod
Kazikku Chan Jul 5 @ 6:39am 
The Bacon Eater Jun 16 @ 7:46pm 
In no way do I not feel bad for the victims but saying one game caused this or any games cause you, I don't think so. Its you the person and whats in your head only. Your the one that decides to pull the trigger. Your the one that decides to watch those movies, or to make a comment on these sites, or download that explict song, etc. So thats my opinion. I tried the demo its fun just running around shooting with no AI in it. But for a kid developer hey, he can grow this into a better shooter game for example then COD (which has went downhill). Yes he released it at the wrong time, but out of the controversy has there been any more shootings related to this game?????? Only related to this game, has there been any more?
The Bacon Eater Jun 16 @ 7:46pm 
who are upset with Steam, the game in general simple don't play it dont buy it. Even if people play it doesnt mean I'm going to randomly shoot up a school. Or start randomly wacking people in the head with baseball bats with spikes like the walking dead. Games don't shoot guns, people shoot guns and guns dont fire themselves, the PEOPLE pull the trigger. You can read a book about mass murders and that might spark you into killing someone to become the next mystery! Its what you do with the game after you play it. Some games yes are made for the shock value, and even though its a school setting the graphics are good.
The Bacon Eater Jun 16 @ 7:45pm 
Hate to say it Acid but you got a Active Shooter Situation on your Head!!! Between probably half the country obsessing over this, you might wanna go undercover and hire some hitmen. On a side note I like the idea but its a wrong time type thing. For example I posted pics of a upside hand holding an Uzi, and the scene from the shining on my facebook with the 2 girls laying next to a bloody axe and the hallway was bloody, well it happened to be the day after the shootings in the Sandy Hook Massacre. I didn't intend on having the Swat team at my door the following day, they told me to just change my wallpaper on Facebook. So I made a mistake but as you did you released a game at the wrong time.
YourEvilMom Jun 15 @ 11:51am 
Funny, cuz the original release would have been right around now hahaha

I allready could tell by the trailer, but hey, wat do I know, no-one would wanna believe me :steamfacepalm: