La-Mulana 2

La-Mulana 2

[Kickstarter Update] LA-MULANA 2 will be available on consoles

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ponpoko Oct 30 @ 3:39am 
Mezzo Sep 2 @ 10:28am 
Awesome --- I may pick up a copy for a friend.
MkayShock Madness Sep 1 @ 9:10am 
What about La-Mulana 1 on PS4?
Shyning Aug 31 @ 2:48pm 
Hoarmûrath of Dír, what's the problem ? He's enthusiastic because it's a game he enjoyed a lot (well, La-Mulana 1). It's nice to see this, since most people only whine nowadays !
Hoarmûrath of Dír Aug 31 @ 10:08am 
Dentor wtf it is just a video game...

Dentorhedge Aug 31 @ 10:03am 
OK... so going by the original stretch goals, this would be "Home Console V1".

The monster guide was already incorporated (and has been really interesting), and the Linux version is on its way to complete the PC trifecta...

In-between those goals are "Evil Stages", "Character Stories", and "Wider Localization".... I won't hold my breath for a Mulbruk/Nebur/Xelpud Mode.

Maybe we already have multiple HELLs, I'm not that deep yet... Gosh, this is so exciting!!!:flame::flowey::flamen:
Dentorhedge Aug 31 @ 9:53am 
Hmmmm.... Everything I really want on the Switch is either already on :hollowknight::keroblue:PC or supposedly coming to PC soon (Come on:cleanhourglass:, "Bomb Chicken" ! :Mendoza:) . Still, LM2 makes that console even more tempting (with a portable Enga Musica [laptops are cumbersome to carry]! :boombox:). I'm happy about the PS4 release, for sure! My :koifish:sweetheart's:maihome: siblings make good use of that box in their den:keroblue:.
Dentorhedge Aug 31 @ 9:53am 
Congratulations :draculala: ! I'm so giddy, I think I'll jump into EG-LANA and die a few times to calm down:luvgaze:.

Phew~ Speaking of which; any plans for Steam trading cards in the works? It's more income in the works, and the original set of emotes has been so useful that I have to try not to use them!

Shyning Aug 31 @ 4:37am 
Don't be like that Kain, they've worked on fixes already, they're still working on other fixes.
You can't be both at PAX and at fixes. Let them promote the game, this will do good for every one of us, then they'll come back and work on it again asap.
Kain Aug 31 @ 1:49am 
Cool, i guess, but first you must fix you damned game on pc.