Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course!

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Kram Mar 25 @ 4:13am 
So no claim flags for PVE?
Jacko Mar 18 @ 8:01pm 
Great idea ruined by a terrible company.
Gallo_44 Mar 18 @ 1:59am 
Not even able to enter any PVE servers... you guys can fix that, but instead you include useless cosmetics.
-=GHS=-Kewlpersin HNIC Mar 14 @ 9:40pm 
Lol not even in top 100 on steam already. I am nostradamus.
Danaephia Mar 14 @ 4:53pm 
your game is dying and you cant see it
Yang Xiao Long Mar 14 @ 12:16pm 
We love the concept. the execution is rocky but we like it. its fun to play together and we can't wait to get back into it when it's ready. eh also PS ships sink a bit too easy can we have some kind of reagent class system so we can have soft wood ships that yes sing easier but maybe are faster. but have ships made with higher quality wood like the real ship "Iron Sides" which cannonballs bounced off of effectively giving you a much harder to sink ship. Getting ****banged by 3 ships of the damned that spawn around you in a brig or a galleon that rips you apart in less than 30 seconds is NOT good for morale. :rubyrose:
Yang Xiao Long Mar 14 @ 12:16pm 
Have to say I'm not super impressed with this update for the claiming system HOWEVER I have to say it's going to be a sheer improvement on what's currently in place. our server community of 2 islands had an issue with one faction who owned a large chunk of one island but was just one guy because his mates quit. he kept his tax at 30% and we all started boycotting his land. personally, I believe that 1 claim per person or a number of claim flags = to .5 or .3 the total number of members in a faction would be fine. that way my 9 person crew could have a decent chunk of land, and not be stuck with a claim that only 1/4th of the claim actually claims land and the rest is a harbor. as well as keeping entire islands from being claimed by one company. as far as a wipe goes. **** yes please please wipe the servers. my whole company is just waiting for this mega update and the wipe to come back and play the **** out of this game.
Commander Keen Mar 12 @ 3:14pm 
Hello, anybody out there on PVE? Not? Hm, maybe a volunteer at grapeshot is getting behind it? Sorry, but f*g the community seems not a valid way of making money with video games. Atm you have your wipe already done as PVE servers are quite empty - 40,000 players? Maybe you meant 40.000
CoolNatureBoy Mar 12 @ 11:10am 
is toggle nudity confirmed in future ?
Cash Mar 10 @ 3:47pm 
Just now adding a peg-leg and a hook into a pirate game months after release. Money. Grab.