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Patch 1.1.4 (updated: Feb 27)

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\ ΛNCIENT SKY / Mar 19 @ 1:24pm 
Correct. I am a rookie pilot on the Star Valor's Universe... Thanks!
Laious  [developer] Mar 19 @ 11:43am 
If you hold CTRL the ship stops turning, maybe you put your mining laser on CTRL? Hehe

The mass does not affect hit points, armor does. :)
\ ΛNCIENT SKY / Mar 19 @ 11:07am 
Thanks for your fast response, Laious!

I thought that more mass is better (more life points) but your viewpoint has sense too.

Otherwhise, I noticed that while I am mining, the ship can't rotate: maybe a bug?

Best regards.
Laious  [developer] Mar 19 @ 8:59am 
Thanks Ancient Sky. I will do proofreading in the Spanish file soon :)

Your first suggestion is planned, the others are a maybe.. hehe

About the mass comparison, that is correct. Less mass is better for a ship, cause it makes it more agile and fast. Although a higher mass improves ramming damage.
\ ΛNCIENT SKY / Mar 19 @ 7:12am 
BTW: I found a little bug: in the marketplace, the comparative mass between the current ship and the viewed is with wrong colour (for example, Space Trader's mass is -125 (in green) compared with Hound's mass: I think it would be in red).

I also found several mistakes in the spanish translation: I would colaborate in this, if you want :)

Best regards,

Ancient Sky
\ ΛNCIENT SKY / Mar 19 @ 6:08am 
It's amazing! Thank you very much and congratulations, from Spain. If I detect any bug or glitch, I will report it. For now, I have some suggestions (I do not know if they have already been proposed):

- To have more than one ship available in the Hangar.
- To be able to give a personal name to each ship.
- To be able an customize colors / skins.

Best regards,

Ancient Sky
Ayame Mar 18 @ 6:19pm 
Time to play a little more, thanks for the responses. Have a good one!
Laious  [developer] Mar 18 @ 4:43pm 
Hey Ayame!
1 - Yes, I am actually working on a mining update right now :) so hold on a bit more.
2 - Maybe I´ll do something like that, good idea.
3 - As you said, most items can be added multiple times, so an "item compare" doesn't make much sense, only for the unique items. But yeah maybe later.

Thanks and enjoy the game! :D
Ayame Mar 18 @ 2:19am 
And last question. Are you planning to implement a compare equipment feature? Like if you were to press shift while in the shop, and be able to see tooltips of current equipment that matched the same type of gear? I assume it might be more difficult due to being able to equip multiple tiers of the same type. So far I often just unequip the item so I can compare potential upgrades while it's in my cargo, but was curious if there was a better way to do so.

Again, thanks for the great game. I will definitely recommend it to my friends!
Ayame Mar 18 @ 2:19am 
Really liking the game so far, just wanted to say you have done a really great job.

I had a few questions, when you have a free moment. With regards to mining asteroids, are you possibly thinking about diversifying them like they did in EvE online? Would be kind of cool to see the different mineral names like Kernite, Gneiss, Pyroxeres, etc. as opposed to just 'asteroid'. I did think the perk that let you see what they might drop was pretty cool though. It's always really fun finding a bit of silver or gold and hearing that cool sound effect.

For transport quests, would it be possible to put the required cargo space next to the quest info before you accept? So you could get an idea of what size cargo you would need to be able to turn in that amount of goods (I have often had a cargo size far too small, etc.). Or alternatively, be able to complete the quest with said goods in the station hold instead of ship cargo?