Unity of Command II

Unity of Command II

En Route to Rouen

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tomislav.uzelac Apr 10 @ 3:37pm 
@daniel: we work under a design principle that the game never shows you false information. There might be things you don't know (e.g. because something is in FoW) but what's put on the screen by the game is never misleading or false.

For the moment, I feel there is just about enough "unknown" with the intel markers such as they are. The markers never move: if you move close to them, they become units. If a unit retreats into FoW, it becomes an intel marker. But the markers themselves never move.

@panther: OS X support is *not* dependent on sales. We're a small team, so we have to pace our effort. We will do the best we can to bring OS X support as fast as we can :)

Mr. Panther Apr 9 @ 10:10pm 
Apologies if this was brought up before, but OSX is dependent on initial sales?
danielprates Apr 3 @ 11:32am 
It would be interesting if new intel were not completelly reliable. Say, if I mop up and a couple of intel icons appear, I would have to consider if the info is trustworthy or not, adding a new layer of decision-making.

Do stragglers move (retreat) around the map, or are they fixed, unmoveable pips?
Carusu Mar 29 @ 3:59pm 
Looking forward to play it!