Dominions 5

Dominions 5

Dominions 5.14

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richieq Feb 20 @ 11:12pm 
"Mercenary bidding box supports shift for +/- 10"

<Happy Dance>

BloodRust Feb 12 @ 12:54pm 
I love this game. I play it all the time with my family. This game is amazing keep up the work.
Itharus Feb 11 @ 12:23am 
Only in Dominions would you have to fix a bug where 10,000 zombies crash the game :)
KremathTheGayYiffyDragon Feb 9 @ 10:36pm 
Can you please add mod support for arenas? I would appreciate something like an annual or bi-seasonal guaranteed arena mod.
Skitterbuddy Feb 9 @ 12:50pm 
Which one of you got to 10,000 souless?
Tankor Smash Feb 9 @ 5:42am 
"Ctrl+t to setup army for selected commanders only" well that solved my issue, awesome!
Sheepify Feb 9 @ 5:11am 
"They should."

There's a total of two people involved in this gem (full time, anyway) :)
1337MechaHimmler Feb 9 @ 4:12am 
You're right - he should bump up the price to $60.
SmallStepsCorrupt Feb 9 @ 1:32am 
johan  [developer] Feb 9 @ 12:20am 
Just added the missing arena fight news to the changelog