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👌 Dukhat Jun 2 @ 2:21am 
Article 13 could "destroy the internet as we know it":
What is it, why is it controversial and what will it mean for memes?
jj_allen May 31 @ 4:41pm 
"Can no longer seduce over unfrozen river" - well I suppose they are less romantic. But seriously these are some great patch notes, especially when taken out of context.
Mount Nomad May 31 @ 4:49am 
Thanks for another fantastic patch! =)

*Wonders if Event Fixes modified Luck events somehow. Just got 4,367 gold plus gems from a single event on Turn 12 with Order 3 Luck 3.
Bobit May 30 @ 10:40pm 
Done some testing: Grey Ones share all water/death magic levels, but it's halved. One of the three has two of each of the other magic types. Other trinities like Titan of the Crossroads just have their magic reduced by 1-2 levels, so this is a big downside which makes them fair.
Cruor May 30 @ 8:10pm 
@Trystan Bandor Log, Kailasa, and Patala are all India (with Lanka being, well, Lanka from the myths which was probably on Sri Lanka).

China is T'ien Ch'i (well LA T'ien Ch'i is more along the lines of Yuan/Mongol China rather then proper China.

Out of Asian nations I'd love to see Indonesian and Polynesian myths and as well as a continuations of EA Sauromatia lines into Hunnic and Central Asian/Timurid style MA and LA themes.
SpiderMonkey May 30 @ 8:02pm 
Thank you, guys, for always working to improve this wonderful game!
devo342 May 30 @ 6:34pm 
@Trystan what do you think T'ien Ch'i the monkeys and Jomon are?
Trystan May 30 @ 5:35pm 
Will we get any Asian nations in a patch? I want India and China.
sunbeam May 30 @ 4:37pm 
Geez, cutoff.

Then too Teleporting solo the pretender is going to have reduced magic paths. So I dunno what you use her for.
sunbeam May 30 @ 4:36pm 
They keep making these Trinity Pretenders, but they are so expensive I really can't see them being a good option for any nation I can think of.

This new Titan of the Crossroad is very interesting though, more interesting than the Morrigna or Hooded Spirit. One of the Trinity has Teleport. Another gives like a 75% chance to avoid Death (well I guess if a unit was randomly selected to die) using the Stygian Paths spell.

If one member of a Trinity can claim a Throne that might be useful. But if all 3 have to be present, eh I dunno. She can't Teleport her other selves with her I'd think. And unless it was added in this patch, that beta thing where supposedly Trinity Pretenders could summon the other parts still isn't working.

Then too, t