Dominions 5

Dominions 5

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Kid Icarus Jan 30 @ 9:50pm 
Johan, philámayaye ló! Illwinter wašté ló.
sunbeam Jan 30 @ 2:45pm 
Zonk Jan 30 @ 1:58pm 
sunbeam: The new heroes are B2S3A2 and B2S3N2. Their lore is that they infiltrated Man and Pythium respectively.
sunbeam Jan 30 @ 12:35pm 
"New heroes (Members of the Third Tier)"

He said heros, plural.

What does this mean exactly? LA Ulm really has never interested me, but they've had a hero of that title since Dom 4 at least.

So anyone know what this means?
Ashizen Jan 30 @ 10:34am 
- Innate casters no longer cast spells after battle has ended

But my Oracle spamming victory blink after combat was the best part!
Phyvo Jan 30 @ 8:46am 
What was broken about #divineins?

I'm super happy that Illwinter found a compromise with attack rear. Great update!
SmallStepsCorrupt Jan 30 @ 7:43am 
>Quickness was too quick when attacking
CorusMaximus Jan 30 @ 7:04am 
"Improved early movement anticipation for ranged units" Much needed. Thank you!
✏pencils✏ Jan 30 @ 6:44am 
Nice Cadmus reference!
(#),..,(#)4eJI9I6uHcK Jan 30 @ 5:18am 
Nice! :steamhappy: