One Strike

One Strike

One Strike 1.1 Version!

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Inc4nuS  [developer] Jan 17 @ 8:26am 
Thanks a lot for the amazing comments! This kind of comments really helps the developer keep producing great games!

Johnny Tsunami, thanks for the compliment! I'm really glad you're enjoying the game!
Unfortunately it won't have an online mode for the game. I'm a lone developer and I had to prioritize the fighters over the online mode and now, I'm at the pre-production of a brand new game...

Static, what did you think about the balacing changes? Didn't change your mind about Soujirou and Bailong?

Novamontages: I'm so glad you're loving One Strike. I do have a twitter:
Please follow me there :D

Thanks Louco Diamante and Beefenstein!
Johnny Tsunami Jan 16 @ 1:14pm 
I got One Strike on the Switch and I am honestly surprised by how much I love the game. Great art style, awesome soundtrack and the combat is quick, crispy and a lot of fun. Also, adding Oni to the roster is a neat idea.
One question tho, like most people I'm wondering if there will be an online mode.
Static Jan 16 @ 1:56am 
oof, is my tier list obsoleted now? I still think Kenji is the best atm due to having great dashes, and a super reliable attack that can be faked with a forward dash. oni doesnt seem too great but not bad i suppose
Novamontages6969 Jan 15 @ 10:43am 
Awesome Update! I have this on switch and love it.
I just had a question about if there will ever be a multiplayer for the game. Also if you have a twitter or something that I could follow for more information on it and if you post updates or something like that.
Louco Diamante Jan 14 @ 2:41am 
Amazing! Great job! This game is amazing
Beefenstein Jan 13 @ 6:20am 
Great stuff, thanks!