Update #6 - auto saving, bug fixes and a new programmer!

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Unknown User Aug 28 @ 5:26pm 
yeah if you pullup beside an island and use your sail to orientate yourself and paddle toward the island you are touching it will turn the ship
Irishgeek68 Aug 28 @ 3:14pm 
Did you lower the length of time you can dive with an air tank? Seems to be going much faster, which sucks when you have a deep dive. Also, why do you need a rudder? Between the paddle and the sails there is no issue.
Smollik Aug 28 @ 1:49pm 
Rectäl Ragnarök Aug 28 @ 1:15pm 
Any word on adding a rudder? Currently I'm using abandoned rafts to turn my ship in relation to the wind. A rudder is all I need to have a fully working ship.
Unknown User Aug 26 @ 1:56pm 
also defetas the purpose of the foundation armor
Unknown User Aug 26 @ 1:54pm 
I dont know if this was intentional but i put half base blocks arond the edge of my raft so when the shark attacked id only lose half a block... but he literally will not attack them.... makes my paint mill and chest safe, but i feel like i could just re do the whole raft that way and have an immortal raft. I know what your thinking. what about the collection nets... honestly dont need them... and im day 60 -ish. I feel like thats a broken mechanic im exploiting currently. just a heads up.
Quire  [developer] Aug 25 @ 1:40pm 
We don’t have a timeline on that yet :)
wonko Aug 25 @ 7:09am 
When is the Linux version coming back?
Cowboy8625 Aug 23 @ 1:28pm 
there need to be an endgame way to stop the shark. maybe a type of float that he cant break. just a thought
Gabriel PNY Aug 23 @ 11:41am 
Add more violent waves, boats, ships, enemy people in the sea