They Are Billions

They Are Billions

Trailer: The New Empire Campaign (Available on June 18th)

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[1]BEE Jun 19 @ 7:13pm 
You guys are great! love the game and all the updates!
BlackMist Jun 19 @ 6:43am 
Thank you for a great game.
Ma t'en CALISSER une ! Jun 18 @ 6:46pm 
thank you !!
HaosWidasee Jun 18 @ 5:02pm 
Happy, very very happy. The campaign gives me similar feelings to when I played the 1st Starcraft campaign. Very cool
RedPine Jun 18 @ 4:34pm 
> We're adding an easy mode for 1.0

Fair enough. You gotta appeal to the masses to survive, after all.

> We're adding a hard mode where 1/3 of the map is a doom colony.

I see you didn't forget to appeal to the masochists.

Creeper Delta Jun 18 @ 2:24pm 
About to re-download.
SPOTTSWOODE Jun 18 @ 2:00pm 
You guys are legends, thanks for sticking with your game and giving us the good stuff.
Please keep it up.
Blondi Jun 18 @ 1:42pm 
G R E A T U P D A T E !!!!!

almost boner worth... thanks for great game guys. im almost at 700 hours, lets make a 1000 of it okay ? :steammocking:
kyljaeden Jun 18 @ 1:18pm 
me too ! :p
Asmondai Jun 18 @ 12:57pm